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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Why's the 'yes' reply reading passive aggressive and sending me.
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  2. It’s giving Born This Way via Joanne… turn the car on and rear-end Mark Ronson’s new Bentley.
  3. "Where is she going"

    ...on tour if she remembers
  4. Maybe her rock era is coming
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  5. I love that picture. The way it has sent Twitter monsters down a void of "RockGa is coming!!1! LG7 teaser!!!" ddd.
  6. Sam


  7. More like the return of Joanne. Here for it!

    Also I like that she’s using social media like a human again.
  8. Joanne 1 - 0 Chromatica. Loves it.

    Also she looks so stunning here:

  9. The horse (unintentionally?) sharing its name with one of her best unreleased songs too, love to see it
  10. Yellowstone guest star role in 3..2..1
  11. I'd be more than happy for Joanne 2.0

    But I won't get excited for new music just yet..
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  12. Little Joannimators, we rise!
  13. It does make me happy that she and Mark are still in contact, or at least it seems that way. They're overdue for another collaboration
  14. It looks like she plopped her ASIB award promo wig on after keeping it stored away in a box for a couple years.

    And I’d happily take another Gaga x Ronson (or Kevin Parker) song.
  15. It’s time for her to revive the funk the punk concept, call Mark and let’s get another classic on the (very long I assume) boil, Ma x
  16. Now THAT'S my mom.
  17. Warm Disco
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  18. Say it louder for the haters in the back!


    I’ve planted the seed and I’ll see the harvest on it eventually.
  19. Not me getting emotional to hear Arabella passed away.

    I guess we knew that before but I forgot.
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  20. R92


    Oh, is it pink hat groupthink time again?

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