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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Gaga being one of the few 'Oscar Contenders' to get a BAFTA nod... this is getting interesting! Yas queen!
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  2. House of Gucci also nabbed a nomination for “Outstanding British Film” but not Best Film. Could she have been weighted heavier than her Oscar contenders for the BAFTA because the film was technically classified as British?
  3. Probably not.
  4. The only actress to hit all four major precursors? Can you say legendaric?
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  5. Love to see it!
  6. Her chances just shot up by a lot. Typically the BAFTA and Oscar winners align, and she’s the only front runner present in the BAFTAs nominations.

    We could actually see her take the gold, which didn’t feel possible at the start of this campaign.

  7. She's really got some of the gheys riled up. The fumes!
  8. The last one really got me ddd

  9. Her 100 people quote was funnier, to be honest. This “I studied METHOD” is… grating. And her co-stars know it nn. Good for her, though!

    This is clearly the result of me knowing people exactly like this in high school drama.
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  10. Queen is hustling and that’s when I love her most to be honest.
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  11. Gaga reading the news today

  12. The way she's already eyeing a Tony dd, she really won't rest or release a new album until she's got EGOT.
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  13. The possibility of her winning a Best Actress Oscar in spite of everything facing this movie only proves what a bonafide star she is.

    Looking forward to our late 80s Cher esque pop-rock goddess reinvention if she does win.
  14. I think the precursor domination puts her firmly in the top 2 or 3 but I don’t know who the other two are. Such a strange year!
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  15. And an Album of the Year Grammy in the space of a week.

    Get your Stanislavskis up Little Strasbergs.
  16. From your mouth to God's ears, please
  17. RMK


    Who is the frontrunner at the Grammys anyway? It really feels like Album of the Year is anyone's win.
  18. Today has been really incredible for her. I'm so fucking proud of her because she absolutely deserves everything.

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  19. It’s so nice to see Frederic and Sarah get nominated for a BAFTA as well. Hopefully it continues to an Oscar nomination
  20. Going by GoldDerby, her and Tony and probably #3 in line for this, behind either Olivia or Billie. They pretty much have Traditional on lock, and are battling with Doja/Sza for Duo.
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