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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. So I finally saw House of Gucci (I know I know, but I was avoiding the theaters since Covid has been so bad here) and loved it. Gaga was obviously fantastic in it, and I'm so so proud of her. The versatility she has shown in just her first two films is amazing. And I honestly thought the accent was great!

    The whole cast was obviously great....Jared was a bit much at times but I appreciated the comedic element of how he played his character. Also, I had to look up pics of the real people afterwards and they did such a great job with the styling.
  2. Read this and thought of Freddie Prinze jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar and wondered... how.
  3. Have you seen both Scooby Doos? How not?!
  4. Oh personally I would give her every award ever.
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  5. Sam


    Now I’m imagining a Scooby Doo high camp live action reboot with Gaga as Daphne and Bailey J Mills as Velma and I don’t think I’ll ever know peace again

  6. These look more Gaga than Patrizia
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  7. Is he… you know…

  8. [​IMG]
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  9. 80D3A0CD-C773-4CD5-9263-924D363B5EAD.jpeg
  10. I finally got around to watching HoG, and unsurprisingly Gaga was talented, brilliant, show stopping, spectacular. She absolutely ate that role! Given some of the reviews of the film as a whole, I went into it prepared to feel like I'd need to power through, but I actually really enjoyed it.
  11. Screaming at me thinking they were about to play Samantha Mumba’s Body II Body I was unaware of the Bowie sample
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  12. Ddd not her recycling original soundbytes from the Famega era
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  13. Yeah, even though this example isn’t actually “weird”, she’s literally just like this on her own time dd

  14. I can appreciate the work that goes into these, but it's been like 12 years since these came out and they're not the best likenesses anymore. She's been due a new sculpt since 2013.
  15. The way they have her pre-ARTPOP face nn. I wish she’d sit for them so we can actually get a good one.
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  16. Ma'am that's Cascada.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. I love Ava Max!
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  19. The S*n are reporting the date of the London Chromatica Ball date will be announced in the next few days with a second date being considered. Taking it with a truck load of salt because it's The Scum, but we can dream!
  20. I read (on ATRL so you know) that people are getting notifications that their tickets are getting shipped soon so this might actually be happening?
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