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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Considering the movie this is for, it's embarrassing how long it took for me to fully register that she's posing in front of a plane and not a bank vault.
  2. Gaga giving I Wanna Love You Forever! Hopefully with an equally epic song.
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  3. Andrew!
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  4. The original Top Gun is outrageously homoerotic so seeing her name in the Top Gun font truly is gay rights.
  5. No like I am actually emotional at the prospect of new Gaga music regardless of how it turns out. She will always be mother.
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  6. Please be good!!
  7. Guitar ballad, you say?

    Bobby: "The fans really want a solo version of Shallow"

    Gaga: "How about I just re-write it with a different title like I used to do with Poker Face and put it on another soundtrack?"
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  8. That cover is camp! I love it.
  9. Speaking of...

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  10. Gagas unintentional but also perfectly apt American Life era!
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  11. Since BloodPop is involved, I hope this will have at least some electronic elements. I want it to nod towards Take my Breath Away.
  12. Guitar ballad?

    black and white?

    hot boys playing volley ball?

    I want her Wicked Game.
  13. Singing jazz in utero, conducting her own personal 1/6 investigation at the Biden inaugural, and now pursuing a pilot license for a soundtrack single...EGOT whomst??
  14. Gaga bringing back power ballads!
  15. Haven't even heard it yet, but they might as well just engrave that Best Original Song Oscar now!
  16. As Katy's Part of Me video was sponsored by Raytheon, I wonder if Gaga's is funded by Lockheed Martin?
  17. Hold my hand… stay joanne
  18. Top Gun was the first movie I remember being an aware teen following and watching, my cousins were all thirsty for Tom so it was always on. Take My Breath away was THE ballad if you wanted your first finger around that time as well. So seeing the Top Gaga logo...The full circle of it all!
  19. no no No No NO
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