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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. RJF


  2. RMK


    Some that are more descriptive of the song. I doubt we're touching Born This Way territory.

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  3. “With Dope vocals”. Sigh.
  4. I need some non-Millenial gay opinions. What do the old queens think?
  5. Would an unverified account with 2 followers lie?
  6. That Madonna would have done a better job.
  7. That second tweet is obviously bullshit.
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  8. Brown Eyes ha long awaited return.
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  9. Shut Up, Stop Lyin by Keke Palmer
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  10. Why can't it just sound like this?
  11. I Like It Rough live debut let’s go!!!
  12. So the Tuvan throat singing might be true then!
  13. If this is what it takes to finally get Always Remember Us This Way on the setlist than so be it!
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  14. I'm honestly also ready for whatever PR catchphrase/anecdote she's going to come up with this time around and use ad nauseam to secure her awards.
  15. Looking forward to Til It Happens to You (Tracy Young Remix).
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  16. "I remember seeing the flight scenes when I was brought to the theater at 3-months-old and thinking how cool it would be to capture the essence of flying in a song. It's something I've waited 36 years for"
  17. Hearing this in the stadium at Chromatica Ball is going to scalp me, isn't it?
  18. It sounds fucking epiiiiiiiic
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