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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Sam


    Foot holders lost
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  2. the intro is sending me
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  3. They just played this on the radio in France. French hand holders keep winning.
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  4. The verse chords remind me of Fuckin’ Perfect.

  5. 99% of listeners will think the intro is glitched (Alien ha impact), but can't wait for stans to try and educate the gp on what it actually is.
  6. This is rubbish.
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  7. She’s in her Kate Bush Ninth Wave bag with that intro! (Pity about the rest).
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  8. Why do you remember that
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  9. At least that’s my bar break at The Chromatica Ball decided.
  10. You think anyone will remember this in 2034?
  11. It’s not a contest
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  12. The song is there but writing it around some empty platitude about holding hands makes it very low stakes. Where's the drama?
  13. Sadly, that’s pretty much what it amounts to. It sounds like it was tossed out in half an hour. Basic doesn’t even cover it.
  14. Inside the hands
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  15. What a miserable autopilot Gaga stadium number. Take My Breath Away it is NOT.
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  16. Sis Passenger is right there.
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  17. And to think, Take My Breath Away wasn't even the best song in its Oscar category:

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  18. I hope she releases some sort of acoustic version of this. Not really enjoying the production that much.
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  19. I like this the second time around. Think I was so thrown off by the into I couldn’t focus the first time. It does have a big epic fee to it. Now let me go listen to Take My Breathe Away.
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  20. Those vocals are sounding healthy muva

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