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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Just saw she has a few songs on the soundtrack. Curious to hear how those will sound.

    All the songs are with Harold Faltermeyer. Is he a music producer?
  2. It's just for the score, which uses elements from "Hold My Hand"
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  3. Pale Blue Light by Jessie Ware would be perfect for a Top Gun reboot!
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  4. There are also actual verified accounts quoting this and dragging her I-

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  5. ARTPOP will never die.
  6. so cry



    I'm a little hand holder now!
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  7. Bop.
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  8. It does what it is supposed to do i suppose but I'm no fan of the vocal stylings
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  9. The song is 3rd on the US Spotify New Music Friday playlist and also appears fairly high on Hot Hits, Pop Rising and a handful of other playlists. It really seems they’re giving this a decent enough push.
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  10. Sorry for the double post but the video is out!
  11. Sam


    God she just sells the hell out of everything. She could tell me she's a vet widow and I'd believe ha. Talent
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  12. Exactly what was needed for a soundtrack video. She looks great.
  13. The video's exactly what I expected and she looks great.
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  14. So where did they use all that ice
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  15. I like it, the song does go well with the film footage.
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  16. Sam


    lmao WHY AM I CRYING
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  17. She looks amazing!! It's a nice video, my only gripe is the changing aspect ratios (I hate it when videos do that) but it still looks good.
  18. I LOVE the drama of the shot with the plane flying past whilst she's stood on the piano.
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  19. This is the money shot and they absolutely nailed it. She also looks stunning and is, of course, DROPPED INTO THE DRAMA of it all. I know it’s probably some little oversight but the opening of the video having credits in the bottom left corner felt a bitsy like an intentional throwback to the era of big soundtrack single campaigns, as well.
  20. Doesn't she take ice baths to help with her chronic pain?
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