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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Me waiting for this:

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  2. RMK


    I really wouldn't expect long-term support on pop. It looks great right now, but it's reminding me a lot of The Cure. It had positive updates until approaching the top 20. Her name alone will send a song far naturally, especially if it's pitched well. Shallow reached #10 on overall radio while only making it to #19 on the format.

    HAC/AC will be the lane for success, pop taking it as far as Shallow would be a win in itself.
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  3. Well done Little Marines

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  4. I'm deceased.
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  5. Does anyone have the meme where she’s turned into a drill from that scene?
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  6. Ddd, not some troll using Dan Rockwell’s pic for this. Most basic hot guy to ever make the gay internet fawn.
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  7. Twitter thread and article on the Haus Labs relaunch at Sephora:

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  8. How the hell did it get 20million in revenue in 2021. I guess the market is so huge.
  9. I must admit, of all the celebrity makeup lines, I don’t know a single person that has ever mentioned her brand outside of the fandom.
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  10. I own a fair amount of her stuff and truly the only thing I consistently use is the eyeliner which is very good. I remember playing around with a lot of it and either the payoff wasn't like, tremendous or it was a weird feeling on the skin in terms of a formula.
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  11. Makeup was always a strange route in my opinion, simply because she doesn't have a strong association with beauty. When you think of Gaga the strongest association (outside of music, obviously) is fashion. If she had a done a shoe line or a clothing line (or a limited line to test the waters before a full fledged fashion house) that would have made way more sense to me.
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  12. Diva
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  13. Haus Labs always felt like a MAC redux. Which, like, good luck chipping away at their market share. Fenty is really the only celeb makeup brand that makes sense. Iman paved the way, but Fenty modernized and perfected it. Also, Fenty's expansion to Africa is the true big picture, in my opinion.
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  14. I couldn’t read the article because of the paywall, but the thread is interesting and sheds some light on some of the, uh, choices made during the launch. The brand isn’t necessarily a “bomb” but partnering with Amazon and having some tech guy who didn’t know shit running things certainly stunted it as a brand.
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  15. Okay I work at Sephora, and have been in the beauty retail world for 8 years, but this is my personal opinions on her brand: Okay, her brand with Amazon was very boring. It was nothing unique or innovative. I only ever heard beauty gurus and such rave about the eyeliner and that's it. Everything else ranged from Okay to Fine. But the products she had- other brands were doing those same products but better.

    Sephora is actually going to be great for her. Getting to actually go into a store and touch and try products is huge. This is also going to be a "Clean Brand" which, is definitely a marketing gimmick but clean brands are incredibly popular. And Sephora has a list of about 50 common irritating or unnecessary ingredients- if your brand does not have any of those ingredients, you can get the Clean At Sephora seal. So that's great. People are very attracted to those brands to begin with. I am assuming she will have the seal since so much of this promo is talking about Clean.
    Next thing I need to mention is that every promo she's posted so far has shown colorful liner and eye products and lipstick. There is zero "clean at sephora" brands that have colorful stuff. Pretty much every brand is "soft and pretty" natural type of looks, there is no clean artistry driven creative brands. She has a chance to really corner the market on that. Plus if the products are good- sephora employees are great spokespeople for your brand when people go in to buy things. Amazon doesn't have that experience. This will be very successful for her.
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  16. I don't know why I'm harping on this since businesses are all a sham anyways, but MAC was always the boundary-pushing, inclusive brand. I never understood the original Haus Labs angle, regardless of product quality.


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  17. Yeah, the whole “I’m partnering with Amazon because they’re the only ones who will let me do something inclusive and exciting” angle never really sat well with me because it made zero sense when MAC is right there for the last 25 years.
  18. I know shit about the makeup industry, but makeup felt like a natural cash grab to me because her entire artistic mythology is based on the idea of superficial self-expression. Fashion would make sense but she’s literally worn everything so what’s her style to the gee pee?

    “I had nothing but my red lipstick” isn’t something she verbatim said in 2008 but… that’s like her.

    Whatever though nn is she writing again?
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