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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. the little monster way.
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  2. I believe she said she had been writing it for a few years so do we think she wrote Hold My Hand about Sonja’s situation? I know I contextualised the song in that way immediately upon first hearing it.
  3. I think she meant a few years as in it was meant to be released in 2020 and they had to sit on it for two years. Pretty sure she wrote it in 2019, since Rob Thomas was seemingly doing the theme at first and was replaced by Gaga.
  4. A Rob Thomas/Gaga duet would've replenished the serotonin in my Matchbox Twenty loving brain.
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  5. I listen to Hold My Hand a lot, so I would be really happy to get some alternate versions. But we also had alternate versions of Shallow teased to us and that went nowhere, so I won't hold my breath.
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  6. I've still only listened to "Hold My Hand" twice. I really wish I liked it more.
  7. Meanhwile, I
    Screenshot 2022-05-21 at 9.24.46 AM.png
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  8. Look, in the Gaga balladography Hold My Hand may not quite be the new Shallow, but at least it's not A Million Reasons, and if it robs her spot from the heartfelt piano section of the Chromatica Ball then I'll be a very happy little unkindness punk.
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  9. Chills!!! I wonder if this is the version used in the movie too?

  10. Don't be silly, she'll do all three

    A lot more of it can be heard in a video on the previous page too
  11. I think Shallow, Hold My Hand and Million Reasons are on lock from her balladography. She already confirmed the first two. Still hoping she does Always Remember Us This Way because ignoring such a fan and GP fave (looking at its stats) would be dumb.

    You And I would be asking for too much, and I feel like The Edge of Glory will be getting the piano treatment, again.
  12. BTW11.jpg
    Happy 11th birthday to the messy masterpiece, the mission statement, the imperial phase magnum opus that has meant so much to so many of us across our lives.

    This forum’s spilled a million gorgeous words on this album and will hopefully spill a million more—as long as Peter keeps the credit card info on his Xenforo subscription up to date. I remain in awe of and inspired by the breathless commitment to self-expression and self-actualization she put on record here. That it still sounds as fun, fresh, and forward-thinking in 2022 as it did in 2011 only confirms what we all felt so painfully vividly back then. That its influence is seen more and more clearly in the rising crop of pop auteurs on the scene today is further gratification of all the risks she took at this pivotal pressure point moment in her career. Born This Way spares no truth about any of its subjects—even when that truth is myth—and set that truth to sounds so big they couldn’t be denied.

    I’m so grateful it’s soundtracked my coming of age, my coming out, and my coming into myself—over and over again—for the past 11 years. It’s taught me endless revelations about making art and making myself. Here’s to a lifetime’s more memories made on the edge.

    Let’s get Ginger ready, climb to El Camino front, absolutely poke holes in the seats with our heels ‘cause that’s where we make love, stream the damn thing, and run.

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  13. Beautiful write-up, @Tracy Jacks.

    Fever dream idea: there's still time to do a quinceañera for The Fame, Stefani. Call Karol. Call Maluma. Call Benito. Call Anuel and have him go brrrrrrrr in the middle of Starstruck.
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  14. RMK


    Yes, these are always clickbait, but let's see if they made some points.

    15. You And I
    14. Alice
    13. Gypsy
    12. Hair
    11. Telephone
    10. Dance In The Dark
    9. Marry The Night
    8. Rain On Me
    7. Applause
    6. Speechless
    5. Shallow
    4. Paparazzi
    3. Born This Way
    2. The Edge of Glory
    1. Bad Romance

    UPDATE: They didn't.
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  15. Complete whiplash reading that top 15
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  16. I mean I like hearing 'Rain on Me' when I go out, but it doesn't deserve to be placed in any top 10 or even top 20 list.
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  17. The most predictable Top 2 ever.

    I checked out when I saw Always Remember Us This Way at #72 and Stupid Love at #21 above Poker Face, Alejandro and 911. Worms.
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  18. Not Telephone

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  19. What did they say was the worst?
  20. I can understand a lot on that list for locals but Alice?
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