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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Christmas Tree!

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  2. I’m not Famega obsessive but Paper Gangster and Starstruck being in the bottom 10 is absurd.
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  3. Stupid Love being 21 shows that this list is absurd.
  4. A Million Reasons is one of my least favorite Joanne songs but it destroys Hold My Hand. It's the more distinctive and heartfelt song across the board.
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  5. *gasp* Starstruck bottom 10? It should have been the fifth single!
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  6. This ranking is offensive in so many ways but Rain On Me being ranked ahead of Marry The Night, which would be a plausible #1, is annoying as fuck. It's the equivalent of ranking all Madonna songs and putting 4 Minutes (which, like Rain On Me, is a very good collaborative single) ahead of Vogue. Make it make fucking sense.
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  7. Anything other than Jewels N’ Drugs being at the bottom of any list is just wrong.
  8. I wish there was more to Alice because I really like the concept but it's one of the biggest casualties of Chromatica's bland approach to production. It badly needs some bells and whistles, some kind of sonic ketchup.
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  9. It's not her best, but at least it does something different. Any of her more boring balladry is far more tedious, i.e., some stuff off A Star Is Born, "Til It Happens to You," "Hold My Hand."
  10. That Vulture list is trash but they did make some points re:Fashion.
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  11. Jewels N' Drugs is corny and forced but I also think people do a little too much on its quality.
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  12. Christmas Tree is a mess but it slaps for precisely that reason. It makes absolutely no bones about what it is - a robotic bop that manages to be simultaneously the horniest and least sexy holiday song of all time.
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  13. If my mental state is currently precarious, is Christmas Tree something I need in my life? Because I've never heard it.
  14. Yeah it's great that it was a hit but Shallow sucks and it's time to say it.
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  15. I hate Shallow so much. I know it's technically a good song but I despise it. I'm not really even sure why. Maybe it's just my inner hipster reacting to its popularity.
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  16. RMK


    Shallow's a good song. I genuinely enjoy it, and it was cool seeing a song by her dominate worldwide in 2018. I also never pictured myself listening to Bradley Cooper sing, and it actually working?

    The real kii on that list is Always Remember Us This Way ranking at #72 and Shallow at #5 when they're both cut from the same exact cloth.
  17. Shallow did what it needed to and is known to slap on occasion, but I've never cared much for Always Remember Us This Way nn. If we're talking slept-on hit pop songs from the fil'm Heal Me is right there and so are Why Did You Do That? and, honestly, Before I Cry, but clearly I'm in a minority on that
  18. Always Remember Us, Heal Me, and Hair Body Face are the lost singles from Star. And yes, Heal Me is better than The Cure.
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  19. ... Booooo
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  20. Where is Scheiße?! Easily better than a few of those top 15.
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