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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Cult classic status x
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  2. I don’t know how anyone could forget the Nissan hamster ad featuring Applause
  3. Troy his legacy is iconic.
  4. RMK


    If we're talking about ARTPOP demos, the MANiCURE bridge and post-chorus flip was an insane move. The song would've been infinitely catchier.
  5. “Sexxx Dreams” should have been a single, for sure. “Applause” is one of her best moments ever, though. With a career-high video to boot. Ranks up there with “Bad Romance” for me.
  6. I've always said:

    Do What U Want
    Sexxx Dreams

    should have been the singles run in an ideal world. Applause is fun and certainly did the job, but Venus feels the most 'Gaga' as a lead single. I get that DWUW and Gypsy are problematic, but if we're basing it solely off how things should have gone in 2013, that would be the run to me.

    I always think its funny when fans list their ideal singles run, they leave out G.U.Y. Yes, it flopped but not because it wasn't a good choice. It is the most obvious single on the entire album.
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  7. Sam


    get out! Get out don’t shout! I’m gonna have sex for sure!!!!
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  8. I know Do What U Want is a bop but for me it was always beneath Gaga and a too simple track.

    But what do I know with my Venus stanning with it‘s 57 choruses ddd.
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  9. I mainly left it out of mine because I know Gaga is utterly incapable of getting more than 2 videos together for a campaign post-Born This Way. I was already pushing it at 4! But in a perfect world it would have been released before “Venus” to introduce the mythological concept.
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  10. The GP remembers Applause, some of you just don't do group fitness classes with moms.
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  11. I’d say all her singles are fairly remembered amongst the GP. Except for maybe “Perfect Illusion”
  12. And with her best lead single, what a shame.
  13. Did she even perform Perfect Illusion on TV at all in the US? I don't think so. Her promo blitzing has gotten less and less as the albums have gone on. So the GP isn't going to cling to a song when there's little to cling to as far as performances. Not to mention her fashion aesthetics were not as raved about for that era in comparison to every era before it. Although that was okay because people were getting a bit fatigued with her looking wild anyways I think.
  14. She only "performed" it on James Corden during the CarPool Karaoke and then twice in Japan.
  15. Thankfully!
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  16. The externalizing/projection was strong.
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  17. The Joanne era is definitely remembered by the GP as the Super Bowl and any 1 of 15 live Million Reasons performances.
  18. Joanne for me, is my least favourite Gaga album/era upon reflection. Not because it’s bad content wise, I just was at an all time low Stan card wise.

    However I find A-Yo unbearable.
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  19. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Some people have never smoked in the mall and it SHOWS.
  20. I remember the release day of Joanne and being a tad let down. It's certainly an album I have grown to like now but I need to be in a specific mood to be able to enjoy it.
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