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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. That's what's tough though. She's so disconnected with social media it's hard to tell. We felt like she was totally Meh about Chromatica until she did some interviews about it and it was like "Okay, here's the passion and interest in your music career". But unless she's literally doing an interview about announced music... It's impossible to know because she does not let us in whatsoever anymore.
    And obviously, for her mental health, she was letting fans in way too much before. I still think she needs to strike a better balance.
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  2. Deleted tweet, what was it?
  3. That she followed Madonna on TikTok ddd. She only followed like Bobby and Haus Labs.

    Gaga X Madonna Make Up tutorial coming.

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  4. Haus Labs x MDNA Skin collab incoming
  5. Currently listening to Summerboy in Dolby Atmos.

  6. Credits are not out yet but this is great! Hope she's credited.

  7. One step closer to EGOT, I fear (if she's nominated).
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  8. Perfect Illusion’s vocals on the bridge before the key change in spatial audio I can hear god.gif
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  9. I haven't listened to all of the albums in Dolby Atmos yet but bizarrely Joanne seems to benefit the most from the songs I've listened to? In particular Diamond Heart and Perfect Illusion shine.
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  10. R92


    Joanne in Dolby Atmos… I remember why I stanned this era so hard.

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  11. I'm having a Michael Bolton moment, as we all should from time to time, and this song never fails to floor me. Gags sounds great on this and blends with him so well.
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  12. Apple Music Germany now has all her Albums in Dolby Atmos too.
  13. I- .....RIP legend. This genuinely breaks my heart. All this time I thought this kid grew up with loving and supportive parents but I just know some regressive hateful souls are behind this.

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  14. Ehm, okay.

    Anyone got any info on when Out of Control leaks? Thanks.
  15. Not him saying Gaga's birthday was a demonic day and thanking god for saving him, this whole thing is sending me.
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  16. That quote is going to be used by stans anytime she does something annoying.
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  17. I literally saved it for that purpose
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  18. Dddd I didn’t want to admit I did the same and make light of a kid who went through conversion therapy.
  19. Yeah, that sucks, but I’m absolutely going to be using “a very demonic day” in my vocabulary from now on.

    I hope fans don’t send him hate, though, now that people stumbled on his page again.
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