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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. I think she was still really good back then, but she’s only gotten better. The Sound of Music Oscars performance feels like an inflection point too.
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  2. She had the tendency to do random runs and melody changes then, which are better in small doses and you can tell it messed with her breath control. I suppose it was also her way of supporting her “Popstars sing live!” mission statement for that era.

    Her very first Paparazzi piano version was iconic though, and did so much to establish her credibility at a time her image and sound were very “Gwen-lite”.

  3. Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking about when I said she was still very good back then. She gagged us a bit.
  4. This version is kind of an spiritual sucessor to that in my mind:

  5. Gaga also used to basically do everything you shouldn't do if you're a singer (smoke, drink, drugs, no rest) when she was first starting out, so that certainly affected things. Specifically the tone and overall quality of her voice. She was worn out. It's a lot more clear now that she's backed off all that a little bit and is more disciplined.
  6. Speaking of throwback acoustic performances she's done, I always have to find an excuse to post this underrated gem:
  7. Whenever I listen to Replay now all I hear is

    The scars on my mind are - PUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP REPLAYYY
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  8. This is why we need a live album this time. I'm the same with the 'cmon SOUR CANDYYYYYY!!!' adlib.
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  9. Sam


    I keep seeing this on TikTok and reliving the actual moment. My soul ascends every fucking time
  10. I Wanna Be With You demo leaked:

    The way this would have been a hit.
  11. I thought this leaked a while ago, or was it a different mix?
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  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Nn it's so much prettier than 'Dope' even in 64kbps quality.
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  13. This is stunning. I've learned to appreciate "Dope" for what it is... but yeah, this definitely should have been the official version on the album.
    Edit: Not the key change on the final chorus with fuller instrumental. I'm literally shaking. Ignore this if we already knew about this different production from previous leaks but I somehow never heard it dddd
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  14. That's the same version that leaked a couple of years ago I think. I know the girls don't care for her Old Man River realness on Dope, but I Wanna Be With U has the exact opposite problem in that it's so sanitized and her vocal is Speechless levels of overproduced. Like, it's cute but no less overwrought than what we got in the end
  15. I totally get your point and I would normally agree, but it just somehow works better for me in this case. It's just... prettier. And I think I would personally prefer it on the album replacing "Dope" because it would provide a lovely breathing moment.
  16. Yeah, I've never been a huge fan of "I Wanna Be With You" outside of the live performance. I can see why she decided to run in the other direction after the label was foaming at the mouth for a hit ballad to release as a single. "Dope" is perfect as the rock bottom to her spiraling out of control on the second half of the album.
  17. It is funny though that she ran from a hit ballad just to end up with Million Reasons and then Shallow later on.
  18. We've had that for 2 years now in higher quality nn. It just seems so engineered to be a power ballad, like overly labored compared to Hold My Hand.
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  19. I think for as much as she was anti-industry during ARTPOP, falling on her face that era made her realize she also doesn't like being a flop. Aside from the split with Troy, at least part of her frustration was definitely coming from her being envious of the attention and success artists like Miley and Katy were having.
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