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Lady Gaga - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

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    "Lady GaGa" annoys me. "Lady Gaga" looks so much better.
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    I really want to like Lady Gaga. I absolutely love her image and find her fascinating. It's good to have a popstar who has a bit of intrigue and who can string an intelligent sentence together.

    But most of her singles so far have been really standard 'RnB lite' pop.

    Bad Romance is the first song of hers I've really liked. I hope she continues to grow on me but at the moment I just don't think her musical output (Bad Romance excluded) comes close to the best Britney or Kylie tracks.
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    Agreed. "GaGa" hurts my eyes somehow.
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    That comment makes my mammoth post seem so worthwhile now *sniff* ...
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    *Is sorry for stealing IMHO's limelight*
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    This may be unpopular, but I think "Bad Romance" is her weakest track yet...the song drags on forever, and I feel like nothing is going on it. And the talk-singing she does so much on TFM is really annoying, I wish she would sing and leave the "Work it, work it sister fierce, drop that booty in them heels"(not a real verse, but it could be) stuff, to the drag queens in NYC, its not cute its trite & annoying. The ending when she starts screaming, really saves the track imo.

    Oh and ...if she releases "Alejandro"...I WILL DIE. That is a song that has no business on the radio. "Monster" FTW.
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    That LITERALLY could be a Gaga (dem haterz are grindin me down!) lyric and the worst part is, I'd probably chant it with glee! I must say I do agree that the 'Walk, walk fashion baby" part adds nothing to Bad Romance and her massive adlibs in the last chorus are my favourite part!

    I adore Alejandro but I don't think it would sound right on the radio, I'm not sure if the casual listener would take to it. The chorus is super-catchy and anyone I've played it for remembers the 'Ale-ale-alejandro' hook but I think the tempo would lose people. They can't dance to it and it's not a full-blown ballad either.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    What's the list of the Monsters again?
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    The ad libs in Bad Romance are awful. Another reason why demo is better.
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    I love Kandy Rain and Wonderful in CDQ! GaGa has given so much to us this year!
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    Wrong. He is an amazing lyricist.

    By pop music standards, Lady Gaga is a brilliant songwriter. I don't have to worry about her signing a line like "Those other cities make me feel like a dork". I mean "Walk walk fashion baby" could be iffy if it was a Madonna song, but in the context of Lady Gaga, it's fne. Her hooks are fantastic.

    Lady Gaga's demos are shit. Her first album and all the outtakes just don't add up for me. I despised her! She was always going around claiming to be this pop artist, taking inspiration from Bowie and the likes but I could never see it. I think most of The Fame is really trite, and only the singles are 'alright' (Paparazzi is amazing though). I think with The Fame Monster, she's really come into her own and is creating songs that are actually amazing and worthy of the hype.
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    Okay here we go....

    I had some love for the singles off her first album, but I firmly believe she is SO overexposed its driving people away. Anyone with access to the internet can barely go a day without some ridiculous new outfit, hairstyle, stick on eyeshadow or horrifying performance of Speechless. And I tell you it must be very hard for her to perform that dire song with the "gossip maggot" Perez Hilton's nose up her ass on a daily basis.

    Look, there are great pop songs on both albums but neither is consistently good. Promotion-wise its too much too soon. She's gone from "high trash" to "pop art" to looking like a plain buffoon. That red costume she wore in front of the Queen was horrific.

    And finally, why does everyone think that her performances are so revolutionary? It's the same performance art that Grace Jones pioneered, and that Bjork, Roison Murphy and to a lesser extent Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Kylie have been doing for years. They just haven't felt the need (bar Madonna of course) to shove it down our throats daily.

    I think in 5 years it's gonna look all very silly for everyone involved. And PS, Ace of Base called and they want the Alejandro beats back!

    Rant over. Now I wait for the abuse of the GagaLoonies.
  13. 3Xs


    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I really agree with you on that point!
  14. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    And I will be more than happy to give "Alejandro" back to them....that song is a straight up parody of song that thinks its good, but is not.

    And I won't get into the rest of your post..I have said it all before. I like Gaga for the music..and not much else, I dint watch her performances, and when I see a post or something about her outfits I don't read them, and nor do I watch her interviews I find her unlikeable. She is what she is, and will =we have to continue to put up with her...well time will tell. But until then enjoy the fun-overrated-catchy-generic disguised as innovative-unique-artistic pop music.

    Off to listen to "Monster"
  15. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    I love Lady Gaga but anyone who thinks she is any way, shape or form "revolutionary" or "original" or "one of a kind" seriously needs to expand their musical knowledge. She's a great popstar, nothing more, nothing less. Nowhere near the genius of her influences.

    As other people have said, I enjoy Lady Gaga so much more away from the internet.
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    I love "Monster" but I think "Alejandro" shows a new side to her that I'd never seen.
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    My favourite songs of hers are probably Summer Boy, Boys, Again Again, Speechless and Bad Romance- I liked Just Dance and Pokerface when they first came out but they got annoying fast.
    She annoys me a bit with all the pretense, she's doing things people did 20 or 30 years ago, but just bringing them further into the mainstream, definitely not revolutionary but interesting all the same.
    I do wish everyone would stop accusing everyone of copying her though, I mean, she didn't invent hotpants and those hideous straight fringes but anyone seen with either seems to instantly get branded as copying her!
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    Her music is very good, she's certainly talented, she can sing live while giving a good visual performance but when it comes to interviews shut the fuck up Gaga. All this talk about The Fame Monster songs having more meaning than The Fame songs. That is just a bunch of crap.
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    Do you mean her attitude to the Fame Monster songs or her interviews in general?

    Because I find her to be one of the most articulate, musically literate and funny interviewees out there.

    In response to the performance aspect, her performances aren't revolutionary at all. But they are of the highest quality. Every single performance is unique, her voice is incredible, her dancing is captivating and her aesthetic appeal has never been more potent.
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    Her performances may not be revolutionary, but my god they're entertaining. Surely that's the purpose?

    I'm prepared for the "Oh my god you're a Gagatron, expand your music knowledge" but for me, Lady Gaga is really the most exciting thing in pop music at the moment.
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