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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by cherryboomboom, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    It's the way she has to shove it down our throats that she's a REAL ARTIST. If you're a real artist you don't need to convince us by reminding that in every interview. Let your work speak for itself.
  2. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Apparently Westborough baptist church have released a statement saying they are going after gaga because she's corrupted the worlds youth or something. This means she made it right?
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    Shes corrupted me bad style, so much I am going to go as far as saying religion is all bullshit and GaGa is actually God, end of story.
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    AMEN....Sometimes thats the best method.
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    Say what you want, I'm obsessed.
  6. vasilios

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    Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Me too, I was mega obsessed with popstars when I was in my teens, esp during 86 - 89 and since then I love pop but with more of a 'grown up' stance. But Lady Gaga got me feeling like I was feeling back in my teens about popstars.
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    I consider Lady Gaga to be more of a performance artist then a popstar. In a good way.
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    There are times where I love the lady ('Bad Romance'), and there are times where I think of her as the pinnacle of hipster culture. The type of artist that the "cool kids" listen to cos it makes them "sooo unique and weird" instead of having to listen to Bjork, Prince, or Grace Jones cos they're "dreadfully boring." Meanwhile aesthetics and pop music have been married for a very long time by a lot of different artists.

    It is true that she (or her team) is incredibly business savvy; catapulting her into massive stardom that the world hasn't witnessed in a long time. And while success is never an indicator of quality (organized religion say hi!*), she is a gem amidst the remarkable amount of shit that is constantly advocated by the radio and of course this forum, and her stupendous work ethic is something that a lot of artists should look up to. However, if you take a step back from the Top 40, you'll find there are plenty of other artists that have an incredible work ethic as well, who are as equally fascinating. But as Modern Pop standards go she is a diamond.

    *Haha I joke I joke.
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    I think she's a good girl, she's just sorta nerdy, has quite a different vision than most of us, and is very workaholic: i've never seen a photo of her getting drunk outside of a bar ever since that she's become quite famous. and the songs.. well they don't sound enduring, still they are really catchy, i guess there's nothing wrong with that.
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    Recently Gaga said that she regards the songs as the 'sugar- to help her medicine go down. Its an apt metaphor and its important to bear that in mind.
    The songs are catchy, hooky, produced to hell, and the only thing that makes that good or bad is personal opinion. But it has to be credited to Gaga that this is her intention. The singles are the hangers for her costumes to sit on. The video concepts, the performances.
    For instance i thought Telephone was a sonicallyy dreadful mess the first few times i heard it. Interestingly i know love it and cant wait to hear it in a club/ see the video etc... but theres a review on the wikipedia page where someone disses the track saying its a chaotic mess, or words to that effect.
    I'd still did describe the song as a chaotic mess, but this is what makes it so good now! I dont care if its dumb, trashy or silly i am loving that song in anticipation of it being a single with costumes, wigs, concepts videos dancing et al.
    Personally i think lyrically Gaga is very strong, what some people see as vapid meaningless drivell i think are quite potent, striking and memorable words.

    I didn't want to address the flamers but for those who hate her in interviews or her relationship with Perez id say why go to Perez's blog hes not that mainstream so as to be unavoidable and on TV gaga has only done like 2UK interviews unless you youtube her you can quite easily get by without her drawing your wrath.
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    I genuinely have not been this into any artist since I was 15. It makes me so happy :D
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    Ben mitchell is a huge lady gaga fan.
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    I literally just this very second "got" Poker Face. Right this second. It's entirely brilliant. After about 100000 plays in various venues this year. What?
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    Did you really not see that it was catchy with a great video before now?

    I've been late to many parties, but I said a while back that Gaga would be a superstar (I hope and think I am proved right).
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    GaGa made numbers one and two on the Stuck Records singles of '09 countdown (which several of us Popjusticers write for [/justification]), which just shows how she really is the popstar of the year. (Although personally her best for me was 'Bad Romance' but no one ever agrees with me about anything.)
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    I did know it was catchy and I liked, but for some reason it's been so overplayed that I've gone past hating it to loving it again, it's been so ingrained in my conciousness.

    LOVING Alejandro by the way.
  17. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Alejandro is La Isla Bonita meets Ace Of Base, but that's no bad thing - she even references Abba's Fernando. Genuis!

    The whole of the Monster disc is awesome - pop album of the year with performances to match. Beats The Fame by a mile. Best new popstar of 2009? No question. I'm intrugued to see where she goes from here, I'm sure it will be an interesting ride.
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    Bad Romance is #1 in my year end list.
    Poker Face is #6.

    So I agree!
  19. Re: General Lady GaGa discussion thread

    Oh well you're just too awesome. I'm just talking about the regular folk here. We can look down on them together.
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