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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. I'm assuming it will be a medley? but who really knows... all I ask for... bring Beyonce for a Telephone performance.
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  2. BZZ


    I already see this as the halftime performance:

    Giant Blue Koons sphere shape lifting from the stage, lifting up to reveal Gaga. She suddenly looks up from laying in a fetal position and sings a mashup of Born This Way and ET by Katy Perry. Obviously she gets up and does choreography etc. THEN, she'll walk to the side of the stage and sings Judas. Then, as she sings Judas this castle shaped set piece lifts up (Like from the BTWB), and Tony Bennett walks onto the stage and they sing by the castle. They sing Nature Boy. Tony Bennett vanishes, and Gaga continues. She then goes over to a piano, singing a stripped down version of Just Dance. She concludes with a mashup of GUY and Perfect Illusion.
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  3. Maybe the label is going about this right, like if this single was going to be successful based off it being Gaga it wouldn't have needed promo the first week anyway, so not blowing their load on the first single and focusing more on the album itself may have proved a shrewd decision.
  4. And you might as well let her do Formation too. And Mark Ronson will show up and perform Uptown Funk...
  5. I need Gaga and Beyonce to crash into the Super Bowl in the Pussy Wagon.
  6. I'm sure there will be some. The point I'm trying to make is that they don't feel the need to do every single thing under the sun to sell a record. She had a lot of spots in the works for the single (this was like 2 months ago) and then she pulled back and decided she didn't like the idea of selling herself like that. It has never made her comfortable. It's a leaner and more focused campaign as a result.
  7. US Weekly were apparently the first people to confirm that Katy was doing the Super Bowl halftime show.
  8. I'm glad we have this to look forward to in February because in my eyes, a great Super Bowl halftime show can make up for a shit ton of wrongs.
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  9. This is quite literally the worst thing I have ever read in my entire life, jesus.
  10. R92


    I can't wait for the whole stadium to sing along to the ultimate campfire anthem Stuck on Fuckin' You.
  11. I can totally respect that. Doing lots of promo like in the BTW era would just make her seem desperate even though we know shes not. She will also overwork herself out and be tired during her tour. I think The Fame Monster minimal promo is ideal. A lot of us forget that during the fame monster era she only did like 4 tv performances and promo was spaced out. I like the idea of letting the music speak for itself rather than shoving it down everyones throat.
  12. Here for it just so we can say Bey has had 3 superbowl performances
  13. RJF


    Doesn't she despise "Telephone" these days?
  14. S*C*R*E*A*M*I*N*G
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  15. We all know her guests are going to be Queen, Elton, and Mark Ronson.
  16. R92


    The lights dim, the crowd goes quiet...

    A flash of light! Lasers, and fog...

  17. But she'll want her show to be seen as they greatest ever and the first ever live performance of 'Telephone' with Beyonce will send the buzz for the show into the stratosphere.
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  18. She despises how painful the process of making the song was. All the hoops with Britney Spears and varying other behind-the-scenes stuff. I don't think she hates the song though...
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  19. No.
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  20. yes they announced Katy, Gaga doing space performance and so on. They are reliable
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