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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. No.
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  2. This deja-joke.
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  3. It's a 'No' for Lady Starlight, then?
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  4. I always forget Telephone is an actual song as opposed to just a Huge Pop Spectacle Moment.
  5. Gaga's team usually releases news through Us Weekly (or was it People?), TMZ, and the New York Post from what I remember. Although it's funny since I know someone who met her today and she didn't mention this.
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  6. I low-key want to happen to this just for the kiis.
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  7. Superbowl would make a lot of sense with this era...if the album's big enough. (As in, if it outperforms expectations pretty drastically.) I know we don't know what the overarching sound of this album really is but I'd be semi-here for her to spin some of her hits in a stadiumy Tame Impala-meets-Florence fashion in the same way TS toyed with her catalogue during 1989 (so they wouldn't change that much so no death threats please).
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  8. She shoud do 'Born This Way' to piss off the straights, 'Judas' to piss off the Christians, 'Sexx Dreams' to piss off conservative America and a 6 minute 'Manicure' performance with some old ass Rock act to piss off the rest of us.
  9. Such fun.
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  10. Did DJ White Shadow get the RedOne/Fernando "major collaborator from the last album who she began to work with but then decided to axe" treatment? I know they were working together a while ago but I haven't heard anything about him recently, so I'm assuming he was axed when Ronson and Co. came in.
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    Give me that epic Edge Of Glory performance with the whole stadium singing along, queen.
  12. They were still working together when Mark came into the picture, but he was apparently cut in the end.
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  13. This era is kinda giving me '4' teas.

    The more organic musical route, the artistic growth, the slightly more indie approach, the semi-floppage... And now the Super Bowl.
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  15. Can u go back to Gagadaily or atrl? Just kidding... Or am i? It's a perfect illusion.
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    Super Bowl is in Texas this year. Watch her pull a SWSW at the Super Bowl. That would be so so awful.
  17. I'm not speaking for sure, but last time I talked with his manager it didn't sound like he was involved anymore.

    Anyway I'm gonna chill with the info because my posts keep getting taken out of context and then spread around to other places. My info from the past year is still good. Let's see if any "insider" accounts can top it.
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    This was a joke. But was it? It's a Perfect Illusion.
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    So wait, is this confirmed? Should we believe this?
  20. Announce the tour the moment you finishing performing at the Super Bowl, queen.
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