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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. The instrumental definitely shows that off better, you're right.
  2. I really forget how much I adore Perfect Illusion until I hear it. Man, what a song.
  3. The second half of "Perfect Illusion" is basically "Let It Happen" meets a quintessentially Gaga dramatic vocal delivery. I'm totally here for Kevin Parker and her creating a lush sonic landscape across the entirety of her next album.
  4. Perfect Illusion is one of those songs that has retained its "power" as time has gone on. It's like the opposite of Applause, which burned brightly but gradually fizzled out for me.
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  5. I can't seem to find a thread for this sort of thing, but I can move it if there is one! My revised tracklist would go something like this:
    1. Diamond Heart
    2. A-YO
    3. Dancin' in Circles
    4. Hey Girl
    5. Joanne
    6. Grigio Girls
    7. John Wayne
    8. Perfect Illusion
    9. Sinner's Prayer
    10. Million Reasons
    11. Just Another Day
    This spreads out the energy in a better way for me so it's not all clumped up at the front. Though "Hey Girl" isn't one of my favorites, I think it earns a spot on the standard. Though I wouldn't necessarily miss it. Something about "Just Another Day" screams final track to me. It's a little out of place soundwise, but it just works.
  6. SMG


    I can't believe I've just read so many variations of people saying the second half of Joanna isn't better than the first???

    You deaf???
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  7. No.
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  8. I'm a track into my first play of Currents (mess I know) and yes yes yes to Gaga working with Baevin.

    Let It Happen is everything.

    For the record, I listened to the original Same Ol Mistakes ages ago but never listened to the album for some reason.
  9. Perfect Illusion is so breathless that it's easy to forget how much the instrumental sounds likes Parker's other work.

    It makes me wish we heard more from the two of them.
  10. I need her to snatch those 8 songs Kevin and Mark just worked on and add them to a Joanne re-issue.
  11. RMK


    I don't really care if she works with Mark again.
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  12. OH, also Kevin and Mark played the original version of "Perfect Illusion" (aka "Illusion") during their Governor's Ball set this past weekend. I'm gonna need video of that to surface.
  13. I saw the comment on YouTube about a Gaga demo, but then I thought it was someone trolling. Ugh
  14. RMK


    If I could re-arrange the Joanne tracklist it would go something like:
    1. Diamond Heart
    2. Joanne
    3. John Wayne
    4. Dancin' In Circles
    5. Perfect Illusion
    6. Million Reasons
    7. Sinners Prayer
    8. Angel Down (for the sake of their being an album closer not because it deserves a spot)

    A solid 9/10 album right there.
  15. I was so sad when I found out Kevin was only involved in Perfect Illusion after hearing it. I was ready for 3 or 4 Impala-esque masterpieces.
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  16. It's weird that he hung around for so long and it was only to work on that one song.
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  17. Normally that would make me think there were quite a few unreleased goodies, but I think you said pretty much everything she worked on was released right?
  18. Kevin was asked if they did more together and he said it was just "Perfect Illusion" because they deconstructed his demo and rebuilt it from the ground up.
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  19. Remember when Gaga let that guy who did the Dancing On My Own cover hear Perfect Illusion like 3 weeks early

    That was homophobic
  20. Yeah this boy makes me need that demo more.
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