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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. Give ha a Grammy or three

    No Gaga No Ratings[​IMG]
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  2. Mama better be lodging money in that ATM to fund a video for The Cure.
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  3. It must be a music video (though I'll admit those aesthetics don't fill me with glee).

    Unless it's the Joanne documentary?
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  4. I'd guess it's related to the Dive Bar Tour, since she tweeted that beer emoji.
  5. A dive bar performance for The Cure music video would be such a troll move.
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  6. Oh that's true. That would be cute (but highkey does she really have time/is there any point when she's touring in six weeks anyway?)
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  7. That's not new. It's from the dive bar ads.
  8. Ah I did think it either was that or she went back and filmed in the same style as old stuff ala the start of John Wayne. I guess that confirms more Dive Bar tour dates then.
  9. It's got to be a video of somesort as I don't see what doing more dive bar tours would do considering you are starting a full on world tour in arenas in just over a month.
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  10. Unless it's more dive bar tour dates and she's doing one right across my street, I think I'll pass.
  11. I want videos for The Cure and Dancing in Circles plz and thankyou Stefani.
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  12. I'd rather have the Joanne documentary.
  13. I'd love either a new music video or the documentary but I wouldn't mind both too.
  14. I feel like she'd want to save that till then end so she could include tour stuff, no?
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  15. My first thought was a behind the scenes; give us that full 90 minute expose Joanne.
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  16. Oh maybe it'll be the Halftime Show making of.
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  17. I don't see why the tour couldn't be its own release. She's been filming for over a year, so that's more than enough content (making of the album, the videos, superbowl, coachella).
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  18. Teebs, I'll take any of the aforementioned before more DBT dates, which seem least likely to me, but I'd also take some more killer live streams with live kikis with y'all in here.
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  19. i feel like its just her going out for a drink.
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