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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. Best vocal performance is fitting too because Gaga sounds heavenly on that song, especially that version.
  2. Wait at me actually approving of the winners this year. 20 gay teen has spilled over into 20 nineteen.

    Joanne, Queen of vocals.
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  3. Do we really have all Gaga threads locked while the hellscape that is the Marina thread continues to haunt the font page?
  4. I know right? Her lack of transparency about her design choices haunts me too. But I believe the Electra Heart font is "Cooper Black" — and Love + Fear uses altered versions of both "PT Sans" and "Copperplate Gothic". Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In all seriousness, how many Gaga threads are going to whack-a-mole themselves up from the deep?
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  5. All of this because some dared to invoke Steps and say they’re a bit shit (they are)

    Anyway, Come To Mama is the best song on Joanne x
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  6. The LG6 thread was literally spiraling into ARTPOP conversations because all we have is a leaked song and zero actual announcements.

    Marina may have released a shit album but at least she released one and continued to do assorted pop star related activities rather than become an Avon lady/faith healer. The thread should stay locked again until there's actual news.
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  7. Well we should definitely have a thread open, and I’m not sure this is the one. Why was the general thread locked?
  8. Y'all....

    With the exception of a release week there is rarely a time when any pop star is providing enough content to keep current events the main topic of conversation. All of the threads on this forum are full of cyclical conversations. Locking them because - gasp!- talk has once again gone back to an old album is ludicrous. She had a leaked song, it was talked about for a couple days, and that talk naturally lead back into past work once nothing else new was happening. Welcome to PopJustice.
  9. Its ok if LG6 was closed but yes at least one Gaga thread should be open.
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  10. Yeah. I mean, I could understand keeping it locked if we still had nothing, but at this point we’re basically in the new era, regardless of how unceremoniously it began via the leak. And if it must stay locked until the era ~officially starts, then fine, but to have no threads open is still ridiculous.
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  11. Nothing to disagree with here, but I can't help feeling this doesn't support the case for "we shouldn't lock the Gaga threads" so much as "we shouldn't only lock the Gaga threads".

    It's OK to let the discussion on your faves go quiet if there's nothing new to say. They'll be back, and there's plenty more going on.
  12. General threads exist to talk about the artists career in general. This was the crux of the drama with the Britney move - if cyclical discussions in general threads are a problem then do away with the General Discussion threads. You can't be irritated people are talking about Artpop demos again when thats what purpose that thread serves. Its not about who my fave is - I don't personally care that much about Gaga. But some consistency would be nice. Rihanna threads don't get locked or moved even though her make up and what is her best album are its only two topics.
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  13. Dd I posted in here before I realized the general thread was locked as well. That...doesn't really make any sense.
  14. We’re getting a taste of what it would be like if @RJF was a mod...
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Tame Impala played Kevin Parker's version of Perfect Illusion last night.

    It's kind of amazing.

  17. Meh. Gaga did it better
  18. I'd like a studio version but Gaga's is better.
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