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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. I expect this album will sound both happier and harder than all of her albums so far. I'd imagine the last two years or so will have really changed her as a person, she seems so much more...content, worldly, these days. Which is just about the opposite impression you would have had of her going into all previous eras. How this translates sonically is anyone's guess.
  2. I wish I had watched it before posting, apologies y'all.
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  3. As if Born This Way wasn't her magnum opus.
  4. What would P!nk do?

    Do the opposite, Gaga
  5. Sam


    Stop trying to put her into a box!!!!!!
  6. The fur debate alone made me block it out.
  7. I just don't want Gaga to mess with the Great Fifth Album Theory.
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  8. I've been waiting for this thread.

    Now the real wait begins.

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  9. 'Lotus' though.
  10. Sam


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  11. So more of this, yes?:

    Still the best song on The Fame Monster.
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  12. She's gonna need to bring something extra special because everything she's been doing has just been bettered since she's been away.
  13. "Bad Romance" exists, but yes, it's a Gaga top-fiver for me. I think more subdued, singsongish, less kitchen-sinky choruses and smooth hooks might be what's in store, actually, don't know why I say that.
  14. Christina is a half-shit popstar anyway though, the Theory only applies to brilliant popstars.
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  15. By what? Fucking 'Prism'?
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  16. Not people describing a pop era as stressful.

    Go outside.
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  17. She's the right amount of scared (from ARTPOOP' underperformance) and ballsy (from Cheek/Oscars/""""brand"""") to make this right, no?
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  18. I would love an album that drops all the darkness, cynicism, sarcasm etc. that's been building cuturally and is just genuine, happy, and very "believing" if that makes sense. Like, show us the wonder of the universe and human spirit, Gags.
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  19. But she can spin in a chair........well she can push a button.........that spins her chair...........sigh.
  20. There's a "great fifth album" theory?
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