Lady Gaga - Joanne

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I would love an album that drops all the darkness, cynicism, sarcasm etc. that's been building cuturally and is just genuine, happy, and very "believing" if that makes sense. Like, show us the wonder of the universe and human spirit, Gags.

12 x 'Fashion Of His Love' it is. Start clearing space for those Grammies Gags.
Didn't she once say that when she's happy she makes dark music and when she's sad she makes happy music? Get ready for Gaga ft Marilyn Manson.
She'll be panned–and deservedly so– if she delivers music that sounds like stuff she's already released (and frankly, perfected).

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If she can pull a good song out of and David Guetta I'll reserve any judgement for suspect collaborations until the music is here.
I'd like to see her go a more electronic R&B route, like some of the stuff by Majid Jordan or Bob Moses. I think she sounds great on moody/darker songs (So Happy I Could Die, Bloody Mary, Sexxx Dreams, etc).
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