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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. Gaga goes PC.

  2. 'ARTPOP' was too clinical and soulless. 'Born This Way' may have its messy features, but the passion drips off every pore of it.
  3. RJF


    Whole galaxies of no.
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  4. @RJF I'm waiting for the impending A.G. Cook and SOPHIE tweets/teas.
  5. Prince - 1999
    Madonna - Erotica
    Janet Jackson - janet.

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  6. I posted a couple of months ago in the Random Pop Thoughts thread that Gaga should do a cover of Yazoo's 'Only You', and I still think it's a good idea.
  7. No cover, but capturing the spirit of it would be fantastic.
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  8. Here for those rocky showtunes over a "tribal ritual" soundscape. This actually does sound like it's "inspired by Manicure" in my head. And would make sense described as "JazzPunk". I'm ready.
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  9. Yeah, I adooooore "When I Rule the World" (and I know you weren't being serious @Jersey) but sophisticated pop is what I want from Gaga at this point in time. Which could mean any (an! y! thing!) number of styles. But if she needs to be pretentious (it's Lady Gaga we're talking about here) I'd like it to be in a sincere, overambitious way, not in a M*donna, what-are-the-cool-kids-listening-to way.
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  10. The 'soundscape' for the next era will be 'Teeth', 'Speechless', 'Bad Kids', 'Electric Chapel', 'Fashion' (Will.I.Am.Shit. version) and 'Manicure'.

    Get ready.
  11. Am I the only person who thought Artpop felt like a natural progression and perfectly *fine* in the progress of her discography? It's got some of her best ever work on it. And it was different enough to her previous efforts to stay interesting. The campaign was the mess, so it always felt like people chose to the see the album negatively too.

    I've been incredibly impressed by all the live things I've seen of her since (Sound of Music, Imagine, select Cheek to Cheek ones) - I just hated the Bennet album in studio form. I wouldn't mind if she somehow translated what's been impressing me there onto record.
  12. We already have a LoveGame remix and that's enough thank you.
  13. No no no no no no NO to PC Music thanks
  14. Something like the performance she did of If I Ever Lose My Faith at the Sting thing, mixed with her own style could be a pretty great starting point, if you ask me.
  15. Which thread do you think you're in? Emeli Sandé's?
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  16. I think most people here are big fans and would agree with you. What's struck me about how the discourse around the album has evolved in the last few months is just that the faves (and, more noticeably, the least-faves) are more scattered and varied among fans than with her other albums, and the effect of that is that the perception you get of the whole album is that people are very derisive towards it. So you'll see a lot of its tracks getting the shit ripped out of them. Most of its songs are laughing stocks among some people. But most of them are beloved by a lot of people too.
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  17. I'm certainly not asking for it, I can just see it.

    'Credible' and all that.
  18. I wonder if she'd ever do an Unplugged album?
  19. Organic is on the menu.

    As a side project, yeah. She's been planning one.
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  20. I think Gaga knows that there are far more interesting people to pull in for credibility's sake than Sam Smith.
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