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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Yeah, this is from HDD.

    If the deal was already in place, can Lucian fuck off and just ban exclusives from this point forward?
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  2. Are you fucking kidding me, Lucian Grainge?
  3. Gaga should channel The Countess and kill him with her glove and then revert back to 2016 Gaga and bury him on the farm.
  4. I mean, she doesn't do too well with people forcing changes on her so I hope things don't get too messy.
  5. *sigh* I feel like nothing ever goes the way Gaga wants it to go even though apple exlusive deals are ultimately dumb. I just hope other plans aren't getting canceled neither. I'm starting to get worried.
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    1. She is cursed.
    2. Is there anything left to decay?
    3. What betrayal are we on?
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  6. So basically if Frank Ocean didn't release Endless the way he did none of this mess would have happened? Or am I missing an integral part of the story?
  7. Would not be surprised if this meant a delay in single release.
  8. It really doesn't make sense for Lucian to do that because of Frank. What Frank did was a pretty sly move and not something most artists would or could do, especially not an artist like Gaga who's career has been cemented into UMG since the beginning... This sucks.
  9. But if the deal was already in place and the contracts were signed then wouldn't it exclude Gaga from this new 'No Exclusives' thing?
  10. That's what I thought, unless Lucian has the power to void contacts retroactively (which is pretty unprofessional).
  11. Fingers crossed this logic prevails.
  12. Fuck you Frank.
    I'm low-key pressed.
  13. Anyone who knows anything about the law or contracts (I don't know) know if it could prevail? Surely if the contract was signed, UMG had to have approved it. Apple could have an issue with them backing out, no?
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  14. So Frank Ocean releases a shit album, fucks over his label AND fucks over Lady Gaga?

    Good job.
  15. Doesn't the label have to approve the album for it to count towards his contract?
  16. What if the final deal has not been signed?

    Anyway I don't really care about her missing out on an AM exclusive, I find them lame anyway. But I hope this doesn't affect the release date, unless it means she'll release it earlier of course.
  17. But I feel like since it's Gaga they had more than just exclusivity planned. Not to mention how powerful a push from Apple is.
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