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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  2. You in danger girl.gif.
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  3. Possible connections to Florence and Tame Impala, a messy exclusivity contract, no set release date...

  4. Right, the whole docu thing could've been an exclusive (if it's even a thing). But maybe UMG's stance only applies to music and they'll still allow her to hand the film to Apple.
  5. Sam


    One year from now

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  6. In all honesty, I don't think it'll effect her that much. But we'll see. I'm not exactly worried for some reason. Pull through king Bobby and interscope.
  7. Is Lucian's directive retroactive? Or it applies only from that day forward? If not, than hopefully some sort of compromise could be found. At the end of the day it's money talk.
  8. Do all of you realize how much an Apple exclusive does for artists? You can be mad, but don't say "oh, I didn't really want it anyway" or "Apple deals aren't really important", because you clearly have no idea how powerful they are for a big artist.
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  9. Trust Gaga’s plans to become an absolute car crash towards the end of the most magical August.
  10. Courtesy of Mindtrappa's Twitter:


    I can't imagine how big of a deal a contract with Gaga would be (or any of the top tier girls). I'm hoping maybe Lucian can't cancel this one.
  11. I hope this speculation only applys to future releases and in the midst of it we got confirmation that an Apple Music deal is in place and since this will become a topic in music outlets there will be some free promo for #PERFECTDESULION. Sl*y!
  12. I feel like ultimately this kind of decision is John Jannick's to make. This Lucian creep can make demands but JJ runs Gaga's label, has a seemingly good rapport with her and is young enough to realize these kinds of power moves aren't viable for a business wanting to appease their top artists. So fuck Lucian, tbh. Jannick can make a good case for going through with this deal, especially if it was already in place.
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  13. Not to play Devils advocate, but I'm not really into exclusivity deals in general. They typically force you to pick between a vendor which is the whole point of them in the first place. But yeah, I agree that this was way more than just streaming so I'm not happy that it happened. But I hope it didn't ruin the non streaming plans such as promo.
  14. I'm not too worried. Bobby is smart and if anything has gone off track, then I'm sure he'll find a way to fix it. Gaga can still do promo through Apple. Tons of artists do. They just won’t get the single/album exclusive, which is fine.
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  15. I don't mind exclusivity deals as long as they are with Apple Music.

    Kii (?)
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  16. I. Just. Want. The. Music.
  17. Just curious: Does an "Apple exclusive" include availability on iTunes?
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  18. No, you can still buy it on iTunes unless it's a streaming only exclusive.
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  19. If this changes the release date of the single, what happens to the Marc Jacobs thing? I know it was a rumour but it seemed like a very likely one.

    Also, fuck this Lucian guy. I can't say that enough.
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  20. I don't know that guy, I don't know who is he, but what I do know is that YOU ARE OVERREACTING! Stop that none sense. Complaining about an era being lost is what makes it worse!
    Stay positive
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