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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. Clock my 2014 existential pain a bit. I looooved Self-Titled, but what a shit time it was to be a Gaga stan. That with the Angela Cheng articles actually gaining mainstream traction...A nightmare. We deserve some Gaga domination again.
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  2. The ARTPOP era was unfairly shat upon from a great height imo.

    I mean yeah there was all that chaos going on behind the scenes with management etc but her "flop" album still sold on par with Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus at their peaks. Applause was a big hit and DWUW was also her most well recieved single with the GP in years.

    All that happened was she came back down to earth to selling normal pop star numbers and that was ok because it was unsustainable to be at the top for so long after her monumental rise.

    There were some amazing performances and fashion throughout the era as well.

    I think at the time we all saw it as a disaster but looking back you put things in perspective.
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  3. There was a time in 2014 where I hit a gaga low period, the doomongering and Cheng articles and the following DWUW video tragedy made me really question things. I got tickets to artrave and was seriously questioning going, that's how low I was. I had friends who would actually give me shit for sticking with her around that time. I'm glad I did. (The real kii is when people realised a year or so later just how utterly beige and boring music was without her and started pestering me to 'play that new gaga' at parties for a year old album. )

    I'm so glad we are over all that. In some sense, she kind of needed that downward spiral to rise up greater this time around. I hope the music blows me away all over again.
  4. I've only just seen the soccer mom stuff and I'm SCREAMING.
  5. RJF


    ...Nah, it was a trainwreck. The fact it kicked off before she was even fully healed from her surgery, "Applause" leaking and putting her in direct competition with Katy Perry who ended up demolishing her, the botched VMAs performance, SwineFest debuting songs that ended up changing on the album, the confusion about the second single and promo appearances having to be overhauled last minute to accommodate the result of said confusion, Angela Cheng hitting mainstream publications. The video for "Do What U Want" falling into a crack in space and time, it arising that said video was actually her genuine attempt at career suicide... before it all went quiet for months, until she got the Roseland Ballroom closed down, got vomited on under a neon Dorito, and released a good-not-great video before fucking off on tour to the sound of "MANiCURE" playing over some credits.

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  6. Artrave definitely redeemed any qualms I had about the ARTPOP era. Such a outlandishly fun concert.
  7. Well when you put it like that...
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  8. RJF


    Let's all just pretend I also made a disparaging comment about her atrocious SXSW keynote speech too, as y'all know it was intended.
  9. It was a train wreck of an era but a great album.

    I still say it's my favourite Gaga album and people will still say I have no taste, but it is.

    You can't beat an album with Sex Dreams, Do What U Want, ARTPOP and Gypsy on it.
  10. You have no taste whatsoever.
  11. If ARTPOP never happened, I would've never known Popjustice existed. Therefore, it is important.
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  12. I love Kermit et al.
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  13. I had actually forgotten about that

    Fuck me could she have been any more unbareable in that interview?
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  14. Not MANiCURE coming out as the least worst thing in all of that...
  15. Whatever, the SXSW keynote was great.
  16. Edu


    When you have another album with Scheiße, The Edge Of Glory, Bloody Mary, Government Hooker and Heavy Metal Lover I think you can beat ARTPOP pretty easily.
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  17. Despite my fixed feelings towards her throughout the years (still, I have all her studio albums), she is one of those rare artists who cemented her status as a pop music legend in such a short period of time. If she had have fucked off forever after releasing Born This Way, she would forever be remembered as one of the greatest pop artists in history. I remember thinking just prior to her coming along that we hadn't had a debut from an absolute undeniable superstar in years. Someone who was absolutely undeniable & saturated all forms of media and pop culture. The person prior to that was Britney, but by 2004, she had gone off to get married & start having children. There weren't really any active superstars for almost a 5 year period from 2004. Britney's level of fame was massive in 2007-2008, but obviously for mostly the wrong reasons. Beyonce was a star but not much more than an Alicia Keys. Rihanna was big throughout 2007-2008 but by no means a superstar. Then you had people like Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Fergie, etc, who were all big but they weren't massive.

    GaGa just came along and flipped the entire fucking game on its head. I struggle to think of many artists afterwards, past & present, who weren't influenced by her. She made people give a shit about being a performer again - eccentricity, not playing it safe, moments in pop culture. I can't think of a single iconic performance from anyone between the years 2004 & lets just say her 2009 VMA's performance. And I'm not just talking about a good performance, so don't start spamming the page with performances, I'm talking about a completely earth shattering 'holy fuck' performance. I guess Gimme More at the '07 VMA's was iconic for all the wrong reasons, but I think you get my drift.

    I don't even believe someone like Beyonce would be the performer she is today if it weren't for GaGa. Beyonce has always been a great performer, but she really stepped it up after GaGa came along. I think the Telephone video was the first time I'd ever found Beyonce overly interesting. Now she's the biggest star in the world.

    If GaGa can pull it off again, then it would be great to see her at, or close to, the level she once was. I get the feeling she probably just wants to do what makes her happy now as a lot of sacrifice comes with the level of fame she was once at. Either way though, it will just be great to have her back again.
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  18. RJF


    Scream at me forgetting to even mention she released an album in the midst of all that. Says it all.
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  19. I felt like it was heavily implied.
  20. I've been trying not to hype myself but I can already see me hyperventilating and refreshing iTunes every 2 seconds on Thursday night. The fact that it's probably the first time we have no clear hint of what the single and album will sound like makes everything even more exciting.
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