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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. I think people are so afraid of her not leading with a BANGER BANGER BANGER, that they forget that a more subdued track can be just as big of "pop moment".
  2. Sam


    Gaga and strings is my idea of heaven. I get my life every time they kick in during Sex Dreams and ARTPOP.
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  3. It's Again Again.
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  4. Artpop (vocal & harp version) for the next tour, please.
  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I demand this is the main look for the next era.

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  6. This thread already? This will be my first time experiencing a Lady Gaga album campaign on this site. I'm pumped.
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  7. I want her own "Together Again". A smooth, emotionally mature dance track swimming in melody.
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  8. Sam


    Buckle up, and marry the-

    Oh never mind.
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  9. kim kardashian 'my jam'?
  10. The Venus at Swinefest look is a perfect example. Though, there will always be that alien edge when something like that is presented by her, because she's all about duality.

    Without giving too much away so early on, "organic" in this case means a clear, warm, live sounding vocal. This is something she's spoken about publicly before over the last year or so, and it will likely be the one thing she takes from Cheek to Cheek and applies to her pop career.
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  11. I still see 'pornstar engaging in waterplay' from this. What an awful pose.
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  12. Exactly! This look for album 5 please.
  13. No piss on LG5.
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  14. Great news. This is exactly what I want.
  15. @mindtrappa, if you were to guess, are we looking at Late 2015, Early 2016 or Summer 2016?
  16. Ready for the meltdowns.
  17. I'm personally thinking late Spring.
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  18. Thank you.
  19. Sam


    Not too far away. I can deal wi' dat.
  20. Wondering whether her being in American Horror Story will ease the wait for LG5 or make it twice as painful..
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