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Lady Gaga - Joanne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. A lot of prep work was done earlier this year in L.A. and Chicago. She could probably wrap production in under a month if she wanted, but I don't think anyone wants her to rush it like she did with the last album.
  2. Has she picked the producers already?
  3. Wasn't the main issue with the last one that she tinkered with the songs for too long?
  4. That was Born This Way. She only worked on ARTPOP for 2 weeks, and then she spent a month messing with "MANiCURE" and "Sexxx Dreams" and fighting with Troy about the tracklist.
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  5. Those two weeks were in 2012, right? While on tour?

    (I believe it, but it seems... unlike her)
  6. So are all the songs written then? And its just actually recording/producing them that is happening?
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    They'll probably exist in demo form.
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  8. The whole album though......?
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    I wouldn't put it past her. She'll still be writing obviously.
  10. April 2013. She flew DJWS, Madeon, and Zedd out to L.A. for a week to a recording studio she rented. Each producer set up shop in a different room and she'd spend a couple days with each one working on their material. The days the producers weren't there (Zedd and Madeon were flying back and forth from their own shows in different countries), she was having meetings with her creative team.

    She spent September/October putting the finishing touches on everything and meeting with Troy and Interscope.
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  11. I loved 'ARTPOP' so I've no trepidations with this forthcoming album at all.
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    Amen to this. I still listen to it regularly.
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  13. 'ARTPOP' is a great pop album, its the 'era' that was the issue.
  14. The Great ARTPOP Debate will never die.
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  15. If this points towards her ditching the heightened accents this time around, I'm all for it. They were great around the time of 'Bad Romance' and 'Alejandro' but felt exhausted by the time you have to sit through those painful 'Aura' verses or her sounding like ye olde town crier on 'Mary Jane Holland's verses.

    I think 'Sexxx Dreams' and 'Venus' just about got away with it, seeing as the former had a rather menacingly insular and claustrophobic tone anyway and the other was batshit insane.
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    This will be the first time I'll experience a full Gaga era on this site. Exciting times.

    As long as she comes back with quality music that she truly believes in, and gives us great visuals then I'm happy. I'd love more mid-tempos.
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  18. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Howling, yes. I think that's the part of Mary Jane Holland that doesn't work for me.

    Are you sure?
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  19. Sam


    The clock is ticking
  20. I don't mean to add fuel to the Madonna/Gaga comparisons, but I still think this era is going to be her Ray Of Light moment.
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