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Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (5th Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ihateyourmother, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Absolutely.

    It's a simple story. You should be able to tell it in the duration of the song.

    With this, and the Born This Way video, all the story-telling comes at the start; periferal the actual song. So all that's left for the main section of the video is some dancing in a studio and posing by cars.

    I felt like You and I was a step in the right direction because although lots was going on, it was told concisely. This feels like a lurch backwards, pre-Judas.
  2. Fantastic video.

    I wish the last part with the street dance would be longer.
    Saw it just once this morning before work and I can´t wait to watch it again later.

    There are so many things to discover.

    Still not sure about the hospital scene - it didn´t seem like an drug overdose, maybe the drop from her first record label killed a part inside of her?
  3. R92


  4. Awful video.

    I agree with a lot of that. The video was such a snoozefest. That's the worst part. It's simply uninteresting. The ideas are clearly there but the execution is terrible. She's a terrible director. Really. It just felt like it dragged on and on and on for no reason. VoiceoverGa ruined the prelude. It would have made more sense without her continually spewing out senseless words here & there. The only good thing about it was the dancing.
  5. I wasn't too impressed or overwhelmed by this video at first but in HD, it's brilliant. There is so much to discover as BloodShyBait mentioned. I noticed all of the women in the clinic, when it pans away from her conversation with the nurse, are wearing bandages on their heads which is interesting.

    She also seems to make a blowjob gesture to the dancers when they're all looking down at her, which is amazing.
  6. Lady Gaga should never act again. She's an awful actress.

    Having said that, I surprusungly enjoyed, you know, the actual music video. I love her styling, the sets and the general atmosphere. Also, all the craziness in the last minute is quite good, and the closing scene is the biggest 'what the hell did I just see' moment of hers. It's so random/hilarious/epic.
  7. Seriously? Why would you attack her like that over twitter, some of these twitter people need a smack. It's pretty ironic their name is hausofnicole too.
  8. I don´t think she acts bad.

    I feel her pain in the hospital bed and during record label call scene.

    Judas & Marry the night are both standout videos from this era, followed by Born this way. You & I is ok and Edge of glory video feels has great visuals but nothing really happens.

    It´s difficult with Gaga, the people complain if it´s too much like in Marry the night video or too less like in The edge of glory video.
  9. I'm pretty sure that hausofnicole is also the one who once wished cancer and death on Britney and her children.

    So basically she's a raving lunatic.
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I had no idea that scene was about an abortion. I just got a weird Sucker Punch vibe from it. Not sure what I think of the video just yet, the actual video part is a bit sparse but I like the dancing.
  11. So that's what it was, Sucker Punch! I definitely got that vibe too, with all the dancing and the asylum.
  12. Having watched the video again, I still feel there are some nice ideas in there, I just feel the whole thing would have flowed MUCH better if she had had a proper director on board. The transition from the prelude to the music bit feels incredibly disjointed to me, visually and in terms of the mood and I agree with whoever said that the prelude was vapid and unmoving. The last two minutes of the video though are still amazing too me. I love the chaos of it as it really captures the drama of the song. I also agree with whoever said that it would be an appropriate video to end the era on.
  13. I love that people are trying so hard to find a meaning behind something that is a collection of random and disjointed ideas and images.
  14. She managed to create a music video that is better than Alejandro, respect. But as a whole, it's too much again. I disliked the hospital bits a lot, if it happened to her in real life or not. Britney wouldn't do a video portraying her breakdown in this direct way, just a comparison.
    I really like some scenes, shots and light effects etc. though. But that "Je suis un artiste" bit - I found that so awful. Like if we didn't know she was an artist. It was space wasted within a music video that could have been filled with properly good scenes instead. Oh and the song should have started earlier.
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Someone needs to have a go at making a shorter edit. I would if I have time.

    *looks at Mvnl*
  16. Amazing video! I think my favourite part is where the ballerina looks down on her and pulls a Jade Ewen.
  17. Gaga will never be able to top "Bad Romance", that song and the video are just about the most perfect things to ever be created.

    The "Marry THe Night" video was long. Didn't quite enjoy it til the very last couple of minutes where it gets all chaotic and REALLY enjoyed the dance scene on the streets of New York (ala. Britney "Outrageous").
  18. I love the song... If Gaga & co. continutes with all these illuminati references, I'm gonna get bored of her pretty soon. Couldn't they find anything else that's cool for a 9-min intro?
  19. /

  20. What on Earth did I just watch...?
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