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Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (5th Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ihateyourmother, Sep 28, 2011.



    Marry The Lower Regions of the Hot 100 could never! Highway Unicorn (Road To Number 1) is the future.

    I hope she lets her fans vote for the next single, I'm going to hack that system!!
  2. No song with the word "unicorn" in its lyrics is going to #1. Sorry.
  3. Had it been simply titled Road to Love, it would be iconic.
  4. Happy fun unicorn
    is not amused by your comment
  5. Highway Unicorn is my favourite remaining album track, but a hit single it is not. But then again, none of the remaining songs are hit singles are they?

    I can't imagine what I'll do when I hear Road To Love live...but I know I'll be in tears when the middle 8 kicks in! That song feels so legendary & classic and I literally feel like I'm riding down a highway on a unicorn while listening to it...iconic is right!
  6. What's with everyone saying there's no hits left?

    And don't even try "radio would censor it omg"
  7. I have faith in that whole "Scheisse is planned as Single #6" rumor and it would fit neatly into her ditching the whole good-girl, pr image she's quickly picked back up for portions of the first 5 single promo campaigns.

    A 2012 fill of Whorish Russian/German Hooker Gaga on tour and creating scandal?
    Yes, please.

    Ideally, everything would go -
    Single 6 - Scheisse, February 2012
    Single 7 - Heavy Metal Lover, Summer 2012
    Single 8 - Americano - August 2012
    Single 9 - Government Hooker, Late November 2012

    The thought of Gaga singing a song (apparently) about gay marriage and immigration, during the peaks of the 2012 presidential race, is amazing. It's obvious that most of the album left won't get airplay, so why not get attention by being a bit controversial? (Just put your hands on me, Obama, baby! - you know she would.)
  8. The remix video they're showing on TV is horrendous.
  9. Rmx


  10. Not too shabby a freebie actually.
  11. Damn, I'd already bought the video, haha.
  12. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Talk about slashing prices!

  13. This is perfect, she needs to do exactly this.
  14. So you'd really like another 4 flop singles to add to Marry The Night, and effectively throw Gaga into the dumpster?

    I can understand You And I being released as it offered a different side to the album. Marry The Night went back to the over the top histrionics that was already yielding diminishing returns after Judas, so to drop another 4 synths on steroids singles in the same vein isn't going to work. What did someone else say on this forum - for every Express Yourself or Vogue, Madonna gave us a Cherish?

    Another thing that isn't working anymore is these rediculous over the top videos. The general public are sick of them, hence even a 35 minute "epic" video for Marry The Night didn't do anything for the single.

    It really is time for Gaga to go away, rethink what her message is and come back with something new and fresh. She won't though.
  15. J_c


    Yet with 8 million copies of Born this Way sold worldwide. I think she's doing just fine and doesn't have to rethink anything yet.
  16. The album feels like 2 albums, so why not treat it like there'll be two album campaigns?

    Outside of Judas - religion being a 'taboo' she's already touched on and so has every artist ever - this campaign has been her preaching love and trying to be the sweet Italian girl next door who makes you chicken and waffles, but also likes leather and volunteers at the homeless shelter. The campaign has been exciting, but its faults cannot be blamed on the public being bored of her "shock" tactics when there's hardly been any.

    The 4 songs have little bits of that self-love message in the, but not enough to come off as preachy as the first half of this album campaign has come of. There's no reason she can't get a Top 5 hit out of Scheisse, rumored to be released around February/March, if she does a Gaga-styled fashion film video (4-5 mins max) for the song and does her extensive promo.

    Interscope and her have made it clear they're not looking to get 9 #1s from the album, but that the singles (and eventual tour) are just means to keep promo up to sell the album. Being everyone's civil rights best friend hasn't given her fantastic results, though the album has sold amazingly, so she might as well get her tits out and have fun talking about how massive her dick is as she wears dildo shoes and sings Government Hooker; oddly enough, it felt like that was how she was originally gonna do this era back when debuting the remix of Scheisse and Government Hooker.
  17. I think she had better rethink her output.
    Eventually 'over the top' (videos, fashion, videos) will get old. The question is when. You And I is not a bad song, it was a good single that probably many non-fans and casual listeners including me even enjoyed. Then she wanted Marry The Night again, it didn't work. So what will work for her next album(s)? That's what she might have to rethink. 8 million now doesn't equal 8 million for each album that's to come. Johnny_d's point is rather realistic.
  18. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    The numbers according to Desperatescope, huh?

    She wanted so bad and worked so hard to be famous that I don't think she'll ever take one year off. And I think that's kind of tragic.
  19. I fail to see where she's being over the top outside of her basic method of how she creates things - to where her clothes and music videos being 423526234 minutes long has become the norm for her, and even for other artists who are desperately trying to figure out what Gaga's putting in the watering hole of Little Monsters.

    This era is in need of another dick-gate. Gaga's failure is that she's oddly become boring compared to how extreme she could be, especially with this material. It started out well with the Hooker-aesthetic at fashion week and the coffin/vessel at the Grammys, but when she started that mermaid and male counterpart business, it all just got lost. (Especially when Jo could have worked AMAZINGLY with her playing with gender and Scheisse, but no, she made him the cool Italian guy in You And I. My avatar says it all).

    Hopefully, since she's put out a song called Stuck On Fuckin' You on Christmas, she's ready to start actually ruffling feathers and pissing people off again in the new year.
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