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Lady Gaga - Sixth Studio Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Heal Me (From These Awful Opinions)
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  2. Why do you always have the worst takes on everything?

    Why do you always have the worst takes on everything?
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  3. I can't at people suggesting that Shallow will be forgotten and isn't a genuine moment. You've got be kidding.

    Today, the song is the number 1 song worldwide on iTunes. It has been number 1 for 83 of its 111 days on the chart. More people are buying this song every day, 3 months after the movie came out, than any other song in the world.

    It gave her a 3 week number 1 in the UK, 8 years after her last one. And let's be honest, if anyone suggested that would be happening at this point last year, they'd have been called delusional.

    Shallow is undeniable. Whether you personally like the song or not, it's the single biggest smash she's had in years and it'll live on. I can see it responding really well to the slightest bit of promotion in the future and we know this one will pop up on The Voice, X Factor and Idol, purely due to that chorus.
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  4. So she is performing in May at this SAP conference thing? Propably a sign she is doing promotion by that time.
  5. Not really. Its no different to performing the artRave for Microsoft or collecting a cheque to play at a wedding.
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  6. The Cure is not forgettable, it is already forgotten.
  7. “Heal Me” is amazing and in my view completely worthy of a normal Gaga album. She sounds so light and airy in the best way.

    The last couple pages have been quite a ride, I tell you what.
  8. It’s really, thoroughly, that genuine 90s coastal R’n’b modern jam. The production is succinct, fresh and immaculate.
  9. She sounds so good on pop-RnB. I hope sometime soon she leans in that direction for a full project.
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  10. If you don’t touch heaven every time she soars on that chorus, I don’t understand what you’re looking for in pop music.

    People would have cum in their jeans had it been on “ARTPOP.”
  11. I love heal me and the cure
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  12. Some of you are just difficult for the sake of being difficult.
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  13. I don’t know why I’m screaming, Miss Tony ha biological clock has the girls scrambling.
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  14. Sis is Tony about to give birth??
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  15. Miss Tony’s JazzPop could mean anything x
  16. Tony just tweeted, "#HappyBirthdayCheek2Cheek a special day when you were born, your techno raver little sister is in my uterus she says hello in glowsticks."
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  17. Yeah, she plays these type of events all the time. I think fans forget that she’s actually a for hire performer.
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  18. @johnny_tsunami I love you dearly but sometimes your posts give me headaches.
  19. Now that @johnny_tsunami's meme breath has STUNK UP the room *whines*
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  20. Good. I love you too.
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