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Lady Gaga - “Stupid Love” & 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Yeah my bills always get paid first but then the rest is free game for whatever.
  2. Wait, so should we be taking this "friend of Bobby" seriously?
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  3. Second song was always coming soon after anyway
  4. Is Lady Gaga officially in the cultural space of "massively consumed but terribly uncool"?

    *walks out and locks door*
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  5. We never really knew about a confirmed release date but this is getting messy.
  6. Perched, although I can smell the incoming mess. Hopefully we won’t have another DWUW/Venus, MR/A-YO situation.
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  7. Is this the Taylor thread now? *cries*
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  8. Perhaps after Gaga’s queerest album ‘ARTPOP’ “underperformed” zeitgeist wise and ‘Cheek 2 Cheek’ and ‘A Star Is Born’ got the Hereros back on board, Gaga’s just like ‘Fuck the Gays, why chase the pink pound when I can sacrifice them for that Green’.


    I can’t wait for a ‘Kerry Katona’ Style payday loan advert in a year or twos time.
  9. Me buying every volume of Sailor Moon this week the minute I paid my rent. The Stupid Love tiara's impact.
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  10. I’m sure we will, because it’s not a Gaga era unless the intended second single is hijacked by an instant grat track.
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  11. This implies she was ever cool and I’d argue she never was
  12. I certainly wouldn’t take any of the padding of being friends and all of that shite seriously, but it’s been corroborated a couple of times that this is currently due 2/28.

    Hopefully the second song following swiftly and the album that comes later makes up for all of this tedious treading water around lip crayons and endorsing high interest rates.
  13. I'd say it's a pretty similar situation in the States at least. If anything, the expansion of Klarna probably means we should get ready for a recession. Extending credit (and thus debt) to keep consumption up is a disaster waiting to happen.
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  14. Turns out the proceeds from the ring go to the womens charity Dress for Success, which is an organization that’s helps impoverished women gain access to resources that will help them get a job. B. confirmed that in her post.

    Why Klarna was chosen for this is beyond me as credit card companies prey on impoverished people.
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  15. I don’t know a more EXHAUSTING pop star
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  17. They said pop star, silly
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  18. Her fans are now digging up old tweets from Bobby and exposing him on twitter. Can this era (mind you it hasn’t even officially started yet) get messier?
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  19. "delaying the single release if the leaks keep coming".
    Ugh. Why not just.... release it so there is nothing to leak?
  20. That’s not even true, so no point in getting upset at a theoretical situation.
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