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Lady Gaga - “Stupid Love” & 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. But we’re That’s what we do.
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  2. Yep, and that’s about the only sure thing at the mo.
  3. I was just about to come in here and say how exhausting this thread is. But it’s a car crash I can’t look away from.
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  4. Why do they have to do shit like this all the time? they harass/bully every person on her team (her make up artist, her choreographer) and then they wonder why she doesn't fuck with them anymore...

    I don't mind the wait really, but what I find tiring and exhausting is this fanbase constant whining and entitlement I don't know any other fanbase that is this awful like Rihanna fans have ACTUALLY had it worse but you don't see them acting like this, they're annoyed sure but still chill
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  5. She’s lost the plot.
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  6. Why is everything in fluctuation? Is there any credible proof that the date has changed or is this just people who know "insiders"?
  7. Isn’t the single “delayed” for a week?
    28th of February is 14 days away, we all need to chill.
  8. We don’t even know if it’s delayed in the first place.
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  9. She can’t even hop on her own songs what make him think this is possible ddd

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  10. I bet the song is called Old Town Road Remix ft. Lady Gaga.
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  11. I sure hope I don't see you stanning here ever again.
    This post WILL be in my bookmarks x

    Also NOT someone with a Kim Petras avatar liking this. Scream.

    It's kinda blowing my mind that this is considered "new", absurd and horrible for you guys. Like @eatyourself said, here in Brazil this is as normal and absolutely mundane as having a bank account itself, everyone splits payments like this with any credit card, at any establishment. Yes, it basically relies on people being late to make any money, but I guess I never gave it a second thought since it's so normalized here. I myself rarely, if ever, do this exactly because I don't wanna get possibly tangled up in late fees, but some less educated people really don't have the forethought... or they use it to buy actual necessities, which fucking sucks.
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  12. I don’t think the idea behind Klarna is new to most people? We’ve always had things like layaway plans, payday loans. Taking aside the fact that Klarna basically sounds like a credit card with the minimum monthly payments and high interest rates if you don’t pay on time,

    I think people are upset Gaga would promote it.
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  13. Well, of course I got that. I just found it very surprising that this was considered problematic. I saw the Klarna sponsored Unhhh episode, and then this, and it never crossed my mind for a second that it was a bad thing to endorse until I read the posts here. Even though I HAVE gotten in financial trouble when I was like 19 exactly because of this stuff ddd. For me it was always just yet another shitty "inevitable" facet of capitalism, I just never realized it was a local one that wasn't the norm for everywhere else.
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  14. I think it’s less about the fact she’s advertising something and more about the specific demographics this company targets, at least that’s how I see it. Obviously all companies like this prey on the consumer, but it’s the fact that this one is primarily aimed at Gen Z and millennial LGBTQ+ people that is disappointing to some. Otherwise, the idea of loans and credit, etc. isn’t a new concept here in the US.
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  15. Also, I must say that it's... interesting how quick people are to jump ship saying they don't need her and that she's lost the plot over this Klarna shit and maybe talking out of her ass a bit with Oprah, when her Amazon partnership is much much worse and more tone-deaf than this and that didn't elicit nearly as much criticism here, from what I remember. Of course it was talked about. It's almost like the fact that the campaign is messy / hasn't started / the song is divisive makes people more critical of everything else she does. Hmm.

    And this may be a hot take and I'll be happy to stand corrected on it, but I sense a tiiiiiny whiff of unintentional misogyny with the way people treat / talk about her make-up stuff. Maybe not misogyny, a heavy word to use for this, but a certain disdain for this stereotypically feminine endeavour. I feel like if she was slapping her brand on some other kind of more universally useable product like, I don't fucking now, phones, there would be less contempt for it. Or maybe I'm imagining things. I'd like women here to weigh in on this one.
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  16. A bunch of Drag Race queens promoted Klarna last year. It was the same level of "Why?!" and then everyone moved on. If you mess up your credit, it's not Gaga's fault, it's your own fault- and that company's fault, I guess. But it's not Gaga's fault. So throwing a bunch of hate her way... it's whatever.

    I am surprised however Gaga would do any sort of ad with them... She definitely seems above an instagram ad post.
    Aside from that, once this damn song comes out we'll forget all about this Klarna thing anyways. I just don't think it's that big of a deal.

    What we should fight for is that she goes back to her aesthetic instagram fashion/looks posts she was doing for awhile like a year and a half ago or whenever that was. That was great and her using her instagram for anything else is the real travesty.
  17. This thread is and remains the Absolute Most.
  18. I know what you mean but... yikes. It's not as simple as that, is it? Financial education and financial responsibility are some of the most crucial things for a young adult and it's more often than not very lacking. When she has a platform this huge she kinda... should know better.
  19. I mean I never saw any posts criticizing her makeup for a year because, I a woman, didn’t want to read about her makeup line and avoided this thread like the plague. This forum has its misogyny problems and some of the posts probably did veer into that category, but I really do think people just want music and that’s why they’re annoyed.
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