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Lady Gaga - “Stupid Love” & 6th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Nov 9, 2018.

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  2. Gaga: “How much are you paying?”
  3. There were criticisms about the Amazon deal but they were also eventually brushed to the side as they were explained away as a means to an end to get the product launched properly. Since then it’s just seemed like her “vision” for brand sponsorships amounts to lining her pockets and little to nothing else, which only makes the Amazon deal even more repugnant.

    I mean, to put it most simply, she has “sold out”. I saw ‘traps mention Doritos during SXSW as an example that she’s always done this but I always saw that as the way she would turn sponsorships on their head, considering it was a literal mess of a performance that ended with her covered in vomit. A sponsorship but one inescapable from her performance. Similar to how the Telephone video was vaguely about the overloading of product placement. This gilded Malibu mansion, corporate shilling, self-help guru persona she’s morphed into the last year or so is so far removed from the Gaga that was all about DIY and a fuck it attitude that she’s virtually not the same person I started stanning so I’m failing to see how this is us suddenly jumping ship.
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  4. She’s a mainstream pop artist, she can’t “sell out” because she’s already viewed as one.
  5. Forgive me for not knowing...but what's so awful about that dd
  6. This. I fail to see what is so outrageously different about this stuff to warrant some of these insanely dramatic takes. I remember her even defending product/brand endorsements in an interview in 2009/2010. She's done business/product esque related stuff throughout her whole career, and I've never seen anything wrong with any of it because every product she's involved herself with has felt natural for her. It all makes sense.
  7. Amazon was bad enough but there's something super icky & weird about her attaching herself to a shopping app specializing in predatory lending. I generally don't care about brand endorsements that much but her choices lately are... interesting.

    I dunno. I was willing to ignore the makeup shenanigans & everything else but Stupid Love being shit has deflated me a bit. I have the gut feeling that she cares more about the geepee loving her & wanting to put out something safe and basic that won't rattle all the moms who floored it to see A Star Is Born.

    With that being said, she still did the absolute most at the MET Gala last year and Gaga has always been varying degrees of mess so I don't want to be tew dramatic. Just fucking announce something that isn't an eyeshadow PLEASE.
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  8. “And in how many installations?”
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  9. This nails it on the head for me. Earlier partnerships were a hobbled mess. I don’t think any of us ever took them seriously. The perfume was lowkey a joke (and yes I very much did have a bottle!), I still don’t know anything about Tudor watches, then there’s the infamous Singapore tourism commercial. Plenty of Fish and Beats were both a means to an end and a running gag. Doritos was probably her biggest brand partner and, as you said, she totally skewered the ambassadorship.

    Since then we’ve gotten the NFL, Netflix, Vegas, Amazon, and a (begrudgingly imo) legitimate makeup business. Not to mention the cozying up to the Academy and a generally watered down personality in a pretty transparent effort to appeal to the live, laugh, love crowd.

    At the end of the day, she can do whatever she wants. I genuinely want the best for her, and only she can define what that means. At the same time though, I can’t help be feel frustrated as a fan when she’s pretty clearly pivoted hard from the brand she built over almost 10 years. She’s sorta lost her vision, or at least replaced it with a keen eye toward $$$ and, most damningly, fulfilling the desires of the GP.

  10. this is a bit extreme. I’ve used klarna before to make purchases that I simply didn’t want to shell all the cash out up front for or put on a credit card and felt more comfortable spreading it out over a couple of weeks, which is how it should be used properly. Klarna collects fees from merchants as they’re allowing them access to a broader customer base they wouldn’t otherwise have. I doubt it’s sustainable for them to rely on late fees and penalties.
  11. I can’t understand the meltdowns when the ARTPOP launch was literally sponsored by American Express (although not by name) - Gaga needs sponsors to bankroll - this is hardly new information

    Like if you wanna jump off the wagon over this you should’ve been long gone
  12. It’s also what she does with the money though. The ARTPOP launch was great and a means to perform new music. No shade, but were Five Foot Two and Haus Labs really worth the Netflix and Amazon money?

    Compare it to Madonna or Beyoncé’s partnerships with Pepsi and it makes me want to scream. M literally played them and Beyoncé basically bankrolled Self-Titled with that cheque.
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  13. I don't know anything about Klarna so I will defer to people who know more. But when was Gaga NOT about corporate sponsorship and pleasing the GP? She's a major commercial artist, I can't think of a single moment when her career wasn't about maximum exposure and maximum commercial appeal. The 99c Amazon deal for Born This Way and that car commercial for Applause are the first things that come to mind and her albums were always chock full of songs blatantly catered towards radio and the charts.

    This acting like she was always Kate Bush and now has somehow ~sold out~ (a ridiculous proposition for a superstar of her caliber to begin with) is absurd.
  14. What would make a partnership "worth it" or not? She needed money for her creative endeavors, she partnered with a corporate entity to acquire it and that was that.

    Also, Madonna didn't make Like a Prayer to fuck with Pepsi at all, in fact she had no idea the video would even be that controversial and had to scramble to find a sponsor for her tour after Pepsi pulled out which is how we ended up with the whole Pioneer/Laserdisc debacle.
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  15. RMK


    This, mainly. She's always been unique to herself and put a twist on things, but that's part of the GP appeal. People can question the uniqueness or direction anytime, especially after something like A Star Is Born, but I think a lot of assumptions are being made about her character when the era hasn't even started.
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  16. Klarna is a shit company and I’m disappointed she endorsed them, but the tone in here is absolutely next level dramatic and the era hasn’t even started yet which has to be a record for Googa threads
  17. Y’all are doing a biT much over any brand partnerships. Like, that’s what major public figures do - that’s not the issue. The issue is Klarna is garbage, and while I’ve made my opinion on the matter clear, the absolute handwringing going on in here about parternships in general is very... overwrought.

    It’s amazing how often people forget that she’s a business/media machine, and not just the fag queen who churns out bops for you to slam your taint into the dance floor before you’re taken home by a man that’s not good for you.
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  18. RMK


    I'm happy she's happy, but like.. Enough of this consumer holiday. This is probably my most bitter post on this site (dd)
  19. God I hate her for having the man of my dreams. This WITCH. His EYEBROWS.

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  20. I’m still not over “we don’t need Lady Gaga anymore”. The UGLINESS of that sentiment... Yas, throw the hag away!
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