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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2021 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. As I said I think Lady Gaga is in a position fortunate enough to get a 'we are working on it, times are hard, I love you' message out - saying something without saying something. This 'her hands are tied' sounds like bullshit to me.

    I understand she can't say that it is cancelled - and because of album sales that are attached to the tickets doesn't want to - but she could say just... something. It is a shame for everybody involved.
    I know you know but album sales. They'll at least wait until every monster ordered their strap.
  2. It doesn't matter how big an artist you are, Live Nation is running this tour, so they will be primarily in charge of any posting she or her team does about the tour and any messaging would need signing off beforehand. It's just not how the industry works sadly.
  3. Is it too early to do dream setlists for this now we have the album. I kinda hope there are no any ballads in the set and it's just a dance party from start to finish.
    Anyway, here's a quick stab at my idea:
    Act One
    Chromatica I Interlude
    1. “Stupid Love”
    2. “The Cure”
    3. “Marry the Night” (shortened)

    Act Two

    Dance in the Dark Interlude
    4. “Babylon" (with elements of RuPaul’s “Cover Girl”)
    5. "Poker Face”
    6. “Born This Way”
    7. “Applause”

    Act Three
    8. “Replay”
    9. “John Wayne” (shortened)
    10. “Sour Candy” (shortened)
    11. “Alejandro”
    12. “Venus” (shortened)

    Act Four
    Chromatica II
    13. "911”
    14. “Perfect Illusion”
    15. “Plastic Doll”
    16. “Monster” (shortened)

    Act Five
    17. “LoveGame” (shortened)
    18. “Enigma”
    19. “Bad Romance”

    Act Six
    20. “Alice”
    21. “G.U.Y.” (shortened)
    22. “Paparazzi”

    Act Seven
    The Sound of Music Interlude
    23. “The Edge of Glory”
    24. “Rain on Me”

    Chromatica III Interlude
    25. “Sine From Above”
    26. “Just Dance”
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  4. My dream Chromatica Setlist

    Free Woman
    Free Woman
    Free Woman
    Free Woman
    Free Woman
    Free Woman
    Free Woman (Show Me Love remix)
    Free Woman (Finally remix)
    Free Woman
    Free Woman (Gypsy Woman remix)
    Free Woman
  5. Dream (but somewhat realistic...maybe) setlist

    Act One

    (Intro Video- similar to Coachella incorporating fan favorites)
    1- Alice
    2- LoveGame (shortened)

    (Chromatica I)
    3- Stupid Love
    4- Just Dance (shortened)
    5- Free Woman
    6- Born This Way

    (Black Jesus Interlude)
    7- Babylon (with elements of Black Jesus)
    8- Medley: Poker Face, Judas, Alejandro

    Act Two

    (Chromatica II)
    9- 911
    10- Applause (DJ White Shadow Mix)
    11- Replay
    12- Plastic Doll
    13- Paparazzi
    14- Fun Tonight
    15- You and I (original piano version)
    16- 1000 Doves (piano to studio)
    17- Million Reasons (Andrelli Remix)

    Act Three

    (Sour Candy Interlude)
    18- Enigma
    19- Bad Romance
    (Chromatica III)
    20- Sine From Above (shortened, no Elton)
    21- The Edge of Glory (new dance mix)
    22- Marry The Night / Rain On Me (this might not make sense, but I can see this being a really good mix and working together...not a mashup but a more 90's influenced mix of Marry The Night leading into a shortened Rain On Me without Ariana's verse)
    23- Shallow (shortened, just a cute closing number for the masses)
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  6. This is a good idea, but since we're talking unrealistic tour desires: Free Woman (in its d*mo incarnation) with Marry The Night instead? Something about incorporating the adlibs in the last 30 seconds of Marry... with her screaming the adlibs in Free Woman is most pleasing to my soul.

    Also, Babylon/Black Jesus medley + elements of Pacific 202 and Welcome To The Pleasuredome as a closer/pre-encore is a must in my mind.
  7. Hm. I just see Babylon earlier on in the "story" of the tour as the lyrics of Black Jesus are very autobiographical and explain how we got to Gaga today. Free Woman / Marry The Night sounds like an interesting mashup though! Personally, I would've chosen Marry The Night as the Born This Way Ball's opener over closer.
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  8. Fuck it, we're brainstorming, I have a few more.

    Monster (Remix) interlude sampling Armand van Helden's The Boogie Monster

    LoveGame (Remix) incorporating Inner City's Good Life + Nightcrawlers' Push The Feeling On

    Mary Jane Holland (Remix) incorporating Parov Stelar's Catgroove + elements of John Wayne

    These are just loose ideas not tied into an overall concept x
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  9. mmmmm fantasy setlists? I'll try to be a little realistic.

    Part 1
    1. Chromatica 1/Alice
    2. Just Dance
    3. Stupid Love
    Interlude: Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix)
    4. Free Woman/Free - Ultra Nate
    5. Scheiße

    Part 2
    Intro: Where's Your Head At - Basement Jaxx
    6. 911
    7. Perfect Illusion (Disco Mix)
    8. Replay
    9. Fun Tonight
    Interlude: Protection - Massive Attack
    10. 1000 Doves (with elements from Pennies From Heaven - Inner City)
    11. Gypsy (House Mix)/Gypsy Woman - Crystal Waters

    Part 3
    Intro: Disco Heaven
    12. Born This Way
    13. Fashion!
    14. Babylon/Black Jesus
    15. Hey Girl
    Interlude (Piano/Band Section)
    16. Shallow (Shortened)/Always Remember Us This Way
    17. Diamond Heart

    Part 4
    Intro: Sour Candy
    18. LoveGame (Big Fun - Inner City Interpolation idea that I'm half stealing from @Andy French)
    19. Government Hooker
    20. Alejandro (Bimbo Jones Remix)
    21. Bad Romance

    Part 5
    22. Chromatica 3/Sine From Above
    23. Marry The Night
    24. Rain On Me (Extended)
  10. Let me join in the fun
    Act I
    Poker Face
    Just Dance
    Fun Tonight

    Act II - Chromatica I Interlude
    Gaga's typical speech
    Free Woman

    Act III - Sour Candy Interlude
    Applause finishing with DJWS remix
    Love Game (Chew Fu remix)

    Act IV
    Edge of Glory - piano (ewww but you know how much she loves it)
    Born This Way
    Plastic Doll
    1000 Doves which interlopes Set You Free by N-Trance

    Act V
    Bad Romance
    Stupid Love
    Sine From Above ("this is the final song")

    Rain on Me
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  11. Since I've been on an Inner City kick today, this would be a lit Rain On Me prelude
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  12. Is this a dream or a nightmare?
  13. This would be my ideal/dream setlist:

    1. Free Woman
    2. Marry The Night
    3. Rain On Me
    4. Born This Way
    5. Sine From Above

    6. Stupid Love
    7. Venus
    8. Dance In The Dark
    9. Sex Dreams
    10. Heavy Metal Lover

    11. 911
    12. Love Game / Telephone
    13. Sour Candy
    14. Fun Tonight

    15. Just Dance
    16. Poker Face
    17. Bad Romance
    18. Alice

    19. 1000 Doves
    20. Babylon
  14. I'm hoping she dusts off at least one ARTPOP album track for the tour - Fashion! in particular, which feels like the direct predecessor of Chromatica in terms of production and singing style. Alternatively she could add Venus, Sexxx Dreams, ARTPOP or Do What U Want. Any of those would be brilliant.

    Also I'll be very disappointed if Black Jesus † Amen Fashion is not interpolated into Babylon somehow. Fashion Of His Love is also somewhat Chromatica-esque and I think it'd be cute if it appeared in some form.

    From Joanne she could do Diamond Heart remixed into a dance song and it'd be such a moment.
  15. RJF


    All these setlists without "Million Reasons" like it wasn't one of the only times she would wake up during Enigma. Poor y'all.
  16. This...doesn't make sense with my fantasy. Diamond Heart was the slow burn AC hit off Joanne, you see.
  17. I imagine she'll just sing Ariana's part herself rather than cut short what will be this eras biggest hit.
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  18. this is someone who reduces her biggest hits to a minute and a half through-the-motions affaires. Let me live my fantasy
  19. RJF


    I'll... maybe make a cute setlist tomorrow but a few ideas.

    - Put "Free Woman" and "Marry The Night" together somewhere. "Alice" is obvious opener and get "Stupid Love" out of the way early too. Blow "Bad Romance" somewhere near the start too; she's got the clout to do it now.
    - Chromatica II>911>Telephone>Paparazzi>Fun Tonight feels like a painfully obvious section with maybe the last track being done at the piano to lead into the usual twenty minutes of punishment. I can also see her doing "Sine From Above" at the piano for some reason.
    - Get the permission to put Madonna's monologue from "Vogue" over the instrumental of "Babylon"
    - Speaking of which, Studio 54/Ballroom-themed penultimate section comprised of Replay>Just Dance>Poker Face>Enigma>Born This Way>Babylon
    - Encore: The Edge of Glory/Rain On Me
  20. I think an amped up 'Babylon' would be a great opener.
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