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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2021 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Me watching y’all buying tickets cause I can’t go cause poor
    Thanks @aux for making this sksksks
  2. This dancing in a stadium

  3. aux


    @RJF found stanning again
  4. Educate yourself.

  5. Given she has her own big arena tour between April and June it would feel like an odd choice? But the more bops the better.
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  6. Damn. I might have to drag my ass to a show.
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  7. I hate that I most likely have to purchase tickets on Stubhub since I cant buy any until next month.
  8. RJF


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  9. It'd be amazing if true but Dora still has tickets to shift for her own arena tour so, if she's doing it, there's no way she'd be announced until after those are down to single digits.
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  10. Jess Glynne also had a tour last year but she still scammed 1 million quid off the Spice Girls per night, no?

    I'm in Stupid Physicals!
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  11. This ignorance on Popjustice
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  12. I am well versed in Future Nostalgia, thank you very much. We’re yet to see if she can translate that choreography to the debut songs or if she’ll just walk and point to New Rules again.
  13. Ella’s parents and her friends making their way into the Tottenham stadium.

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  14. Ok but there's a Klarna option for the London date

  15. fffff really?
  16. Yes darling, I bought two tickets and have only parted with 50 odd quid this paycheck.

    Queen of Generous and not at all Problematic Partnerships!
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  17. I feel FAGGOT
  18. @munro I want my code back
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  19. aux


  20. Not Munro and his man bagging a Klarna-supported pair of Googz tix off your code!

    Monsters not practicing online kindness...
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