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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2021 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. That was so painless and the most stress free ticket purchase ive had in a long time.

    Cant wait for this.
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  2. LPT


  3. ??
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  4. I got a golden circle ticket for the London date through O2 Priority , easy and stress free.

    Looking forward to it but also wary after two Joanne cancellations and Miss Corona but hope all will be ok.

    Me on July 29th when the cancellation email comes through

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  5. I got GC tickets for London today!! Yassss
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  6. I got price level 4 as well no idea what it means.
  7. SMG


    I’ve got a ticket! Before and after party at my place in Stoke Newington xx
  8. Wait was O2 at 9am rsgfdhdthr
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  9. I didn't even bother trying to get tickets because it was going to be insane. But then my colleague comes into the office and says she randomly got two tickets and is giving me one of them.
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  10. Sam


    Omg see you there sis!!!!
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  11. I got 4 too. Stadium shows are always, always scams so relax and bask in the clownery.
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  12. Definitely not going to happen, especially with artRAVE sales.
    I'm seeing her in London from Oz so. You gotta work for it, soz.
  13. Sam


    I'm so excited for the Choronamatica Ball omg
  14. More than likely, yes. Her team love a ‘due to phenomenal record breaking demand’ type announcement.
  15. LPT


    It was very painful and I am still licking my little monster wounds. I'll try again tomorrow and Friday.
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  16. ddd waitaminute........ should I snatch insurance for my tickets because a cancelation caused by lil miss corona isn't refundable??
  17. aux


    If Gaga cancels because of coronavirus you’ll get refunded. Same goes for the UK government cancelling large events because of it.
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  18. The issue would be if you personally had corona & couldn't attend, whilst the concert was still going ahead.

    As said if Gaga cancels/reschedules the show you'll get your money back with no insurance (at least if you can't make any new date).
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  19. I love that GGD users are saying that you're only a real fan if you have Golden Circle.

    LOVE that for me with my seats.
  20. I have to travel overseas so i’m snatching an insurance just in case there is a travel ban. If anyone has an extra Toronto code please let me know because i didn’t get an code yet.
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