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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2022 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. A whole year to get skinny for this and plan a look...thank you Bobby!
  2. I really hope they can announce a Manchester date.
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  3. Not a whole damn year. Not sure if I should get my refund and try to the get tickets again next year (if the tour happens next year at least).
  4. I mean if you want to go it doesn’t really make sense to refund and repurchase later. Plus a cancellation is more likely if lots of ticket holders request a refund
  5. Okay but I want her to drop some new dates for me to plan a vacation for. Something fun, something for the summertime etc.
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  6. I think a second London one is more likely but I don’t know when they’d announce it now... I’d have presumed it would have been with the postponed announcement?
  7. Realistically these dates are so far off and with no promotion around this record and the current state of the world and economy I just don’t see second dates selling well right now. Maybe announcing them after a promotional opportunity like next year’s Grammys makes more sense
  8. Any word on the Korean and Japanese dates being announced ? @mindtrappa
  9. There were definitely second Paris and London ones planned initially. The venues were booked.
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  10. But we need a Manchester date, have a quick word with her for me boo
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  11. a second Toronto date was briefly on Live Nation too
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  12. I'm so confused by this six date "tour". Is it a case of health reasons and be thankful she's doing any tour at all?
  13. Let’s go to the second Chicago date if it gets announced xx
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  14. You answered your own question!
  15. I don’t see them announcing any other dates until they know for sure this thing is even happening. Considering what’s going on in the US, I’ll be surprised if Summer 2021 happens.
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  16. But it's such a good song?

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  17. Out of curiosity, is the Enigma residency still going on? Like, how many shows does she still have to do to fulfill her contract besides the canceled dates?
  18. Wikipedia tells me she has done 39 shows so far.

    And back then she signed on for 74 shows. So we are around the half mark and that‘s without them extending it most probably.
  19. She has a full year to plan this and craft it into her most creative tour, I expect nothing less.
  20. R92


    She had four years to plan this and craft this into her most creative era, and yet...

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