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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2022 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. This is why I rarely buy artist merch and if I do, it's stuff that's cheaper than $30 and shows a person wearing the final product in the photo dd
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  2. ...Don't most picture discs have a black border?
  3. Waiting for the jockstrap/thong/umbrella/boots/poncho twitter drama, and also the final result of the tie dye ari+gaga tshirt which looks promising lol
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  4. (Stay) Joanne the Scammer.
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  5. It made me breathe a sigh of relief for not actually ordering anything, the picture disc is especially heinous.
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  6. The pillow and the orange tracksuit bottoms, these are trying times. First covid now this, poor little gremlins
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  7. Yeah. The picture disc is actually really nice IRL and sounds great, which is not typically my experience. The one for The Fame Monster is full of noise.
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  8. In the latest chapter of “Stuart is incredibly optimistic”, I’ve just booked a hotel for the London date next year.

    Let the pendulum of chance resume its dance.
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  9. It just feels completely unrealistic that next year this time we're out with tens of thousands of people in a concert. Hoping for the best obviously but this is the biggest level of show and... how.
  10. I want to buy golden circle tickets for either London or Paris but they seem to be sold out, even the early entry ones.

    Does anyone know anywhere I get the tickets legit, and I can be safe knowing that if the concert is cancelled I will receive a refund?
  11. Babe, don't.
  12. I know... but I still want them.

    Plus there a present too and the guy they’re for will be so happy
  13. I could tell it was a present from your first post dd.
  14. The Lularoe quality of those jogging pants and shorts...DELETE!
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  15. Girl, by the time any actual tour happens you'll have someone else on your lease. Don't do it.
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  16. Buy him the jock strap instead.
  17. The f-slur-censored-for-preteens buying the jockstrap deserve the pillow looking like what they'd eventually push out.
  18. Maybe I can send you my refunded tickets to print off @Toshi and gift them? Nobody will know
  19. Genuinely though, her team should organise a virtual concert of some sorts. Look at what so many other artists are doing... it could be an amazing way of bringing Chromatica to life, without some of the constraints that an actual concert in an arena or stadium brings.
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  20. Live Nation seem intent on making big concerts happen next Summer. I don’t think they’ll cancel this lightly since it’s such a tent pole of their event schedule.
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