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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2022 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Infinite Disco made me so sad Gaga didn't expand the VMA set into an hour long Chromatica special with some classics chucked in. They had the same live but not quite energy. I guess she's saving all the surprises for the eventual tour.
  2. Yeah, if the tour gets another bump (which seems very likely), I can see a Chromatica streaming special happening next year.
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  3. Ooh I love that.

    Be for real through I really want to try and get tickets
  4. It will not be their choice as I am sure you know too.

    They have a vaccine now that could be given out from 2021. Experts expect it’ll take all of 2021 to get to a ‘kind of safe’ state in terms of vaccined population.

    The Gaga audience is mostly last in line to get it. So I think it is all but given we gonna have stadium show at that time sadly.

    Happy to be surprised but for now - unlikely.
  5. Hi friends, I'm currently writing an assignment for uni about the London date of this tour. Do we know who's Gaga's booking agent and promoter? I would imagine the latter is Live Nation but then again, not too sure about it... Thanks!
  6. I guess this explains why they aren't rushing to cancel – they still think they can pull it off. We'll see.

  7. Extremely optimistic there.
  8. So they're just gonna kick out 25% of the sold ticket holders?
  9. “fuck them kids”
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  10. I don't know about other countries, but in 3 months Spain hasn't reached the 5% of vaccinated people in the entire population. They're too optimistic.
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  11. US will be done with vaccinations by the summer. Europe fucked up. And I'm European.
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  12. Honestly, I would rather she just pushed it back until 2022 and that way she can perform to a 100% filled stadium.
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  13. I feel like the US and London dates will be able to go ahead while the Paris date will be cancelled because of how far behind we are on vaccination here...
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  14. These are international events, not local shows. People are traveling from a lot of different countries and cities. It can't be that easy.
  15. Eye -
  16. Exactly. I am from Switzerland and got London tickets.

    We are very behind here and now I should be punished and my ticket canceled? Hopefully they‘ll push it back to next year.
  17. It’s only about twice a month that I suddenly remember that I have hundreds of dollars tied up in this tour and I like to imagine that her recollection of this tour happens just as frequently; waiting in line at the drugstore and a sudden wave of “oh yeah, the Chromatica Ball, huh!” before completely resuming everyday normalcy.
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  18. Yeah, it's not impossible to believe that the US and UK dates will go ahead, considering how swiftly their respective vaccination programmes are moving. I saw in the news this morning that large scale events will (hopefully) hopefully be trialled in the UK around May.
  19. I work in football stadiums in the Midlands, UK and they are expecting us to return May 23rd providing there are no amendments to the roadmap out of lockdown so I could see the UK date happening!
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  20. The problem will be if other countries don’t get the vaccine rollout ramped up the whole tour will get pulled. I know the tour is ridiculously short as is but if they have to cut even 6 dates in half, it’s really not worth it for like 2/3 shows?
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