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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2022 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. The interest alone from those stadium tickets in the bank...
  2. Justin was lucky to be one of the first to postpone his "Changes Tour" and right away changed it to "Justin Live 2021" or whatever, I can see them just taking Chromatica out of the equation and putting on a "Greatest Hits" of sorts. It's... 6 dates that went up. It's not like Sis was going to change her way and not grabbing her keytar to do Just Dance followed by Poker Face with some Telephone in there. She can just grab the Enigma setlist, change that "The Fame placeholder section" and put Stupid Love, Rain on Me, 911 and call it a day.

    If they actually postpone this to 2022, it will be... few months after her newest movie. Possibly sending her name on a high wave again. And also it will be like... almost 5 years since her last "world tour".

    So, long story short: It's easier to be something a bit "messy" than canceled all along I guess. But tbh... it's Gaga so it will be great one way or another.
  3. Gaga will definitely be touring the moment she’s able to (and finished her film projects). As for what she’s touring is sort of irrelevant. Demand will be higher than ever, and there is already money invested. There is no chance of anything being canceled, especially as she doesn’t have any plans to work on new music for the foreseeable future.
  4. Touring will let her kill some time (and make money) without as much pressure to release another album.
    Then again, she likes to tour and make music at the same time.
    Then again, she could just go home and do nothing until the awards season for the Gucci film comes around.
  5. Interest for companies right, but we as individuals get 0.005% or less on our accounts. Capitalism yay.
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  6. If The Weeknd is pushing his tour into early 2022, I don't think Gaga is getting away that easy.
  7. Ticketmaster refunding people (?) and, shockingly: before confirming a possible cancellation.

    Some people in replies saying it happened to them as well
  8. It looks like it's something to do with resale only. I'm sure these will be postponed/cancelled but it looks like that person was actually paid, not refunded.
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  9. I’m so ready for “Little Klarnas I’m devastated” and so is my bank account.
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  10. Looks like it’s not been cancelled...yet.

  11. 'Don't worry, there are still a few months' interest we like to save in the bank'
  12. Hopefully now that she’s finished shooting the film we might hear something about what’s happening with the tour.

    I hope it doesn’t get left until the last minute of its cancelled, so those travelling don’t lose out on booked and paid for journeys.
  13. I’ve booked a hotel in London just in case it goes ahead as I thought with people staycationing this year there might be more demand.

    I made sure it’s refundable though I won’t be repeating the mistake I made with the Joanne Tour.
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  14. She’s gonna cancel London isn’t she?
  15. Because of the Indian variant several countries declared most parts of the UK highest risk areas. Another proof that things are still fragile and uncertain.

    Stadium tours/concerts within the next few months do not feel like something that anyone should bet on, progress aside. It seems impossible.
  16. I honestly wonder if she'll even do the US shows this year with Canada, France, now London off the table. The dates that were never announced in Seoul and Tokyo won't happen either with the slow vaccine rollout (and in Japan the general public pushing back against the Olympics).

    I just don't see how it'll be profitable to put together a show to perform in Chicago, Boston and New York Jersey. Why would they create a show for three dates? I just can't imagine anyone is going to spend a lot of money on elaborate staging and sets for three shows.

    If it happens I can't see it being much more than Enigma on wheels with the old album cuts swapped out for Chromatica.
  17. If it does, and that is a big if, I think the staging will be minimal and quite basic, especially for Gaga (because the costs of bring a huge stage over from the States will be too high). But after 15 months of nothing, I don't think anyone will complain. We'll just be happy to be there.
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  18. You know good and well they'll just dust off the inflatable artRAVE stage and spray paint it hot pink
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  19. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but we've had no indications thats she's even rehearsing for this and it supposedly starts in a couple of months. In my opinion, waiting until after House of Gucci would be a smart idea because then her name will be back out in the public's consciousness and tickets will be easier to sell.

    In a perfect world, she could do something akin to what Dua did and livestream it. I'd happily pay $30 or whatever for that.
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