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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2022 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. I'm sorry but the fact that she's only doing 2 non-US dates is not an excuse to minimize the show. They are stadium shows and people have paid a lot of money for tickets. I'm sorry, but I would complain, I'm not flying to the UK and paying a ticket for the enigma stadium tour. So, no.
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  2. ...Are there any other stadium scale pop concerts happening early Summer on either side of the Atlantic? I feel like they're just waiting to make a proper announcement about its cancellation and be done with it.
  3. Yeah, most of the stadiums stateside have summer concert series around The Chromatica Ball that are actively taking place (with more transparency and marketing) based on imminent state reopening plans.
  4. To be fair, Gaga doesn’t typically start rehearsing for shows until a few weeks before opening night. We got word that costumes were being made recently (because one of the designers died), so they’ve definitely moved forward with the creative aspect at least.
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  5. Coachella was put together in a few weeks. Set aside a week to film tour screens/interludes, they already have 3 Chromatica songs choreographed and it’s not like she changes up the old arrangements anyways.

    It’s doable but I think anyone expecting a six city tour to be on the Born This Way Ball’s scale of stadium spectacular is kidding themselves.
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  6. Is that anything anyone is really expecting, though? Even if they were doing all the planned dates, I think we’d still be getting a fairly minimal (for Gaga standards) setup, since that’s kind of how all her shows have been post-BTWB, especially in a stadium setting. It’s just some themed staging inside a stock shell:

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  7. Well but expectations were lower because both artRAVE and Joanne weren't designed to be Stadium concerts (kii at both losing their catwalks dd). It's a different thing when they announce a whole show that is mean to be... an stadium experience. Especially since the last "official one" was Born This Way Ball. It was actually awkward to see Joanne going from a full experience with the flying catwalks, the countdown and everything... then stripped bare because it was impossible to do such thing in a Stadium set up (and then cutting a whole block too). Even her "entrance" was just... walking into the stage.

    I still hope they'll figure something out. She did Coachella after all and that was... massive on its own.
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  8. Coachella was massive but super minimalistic. There was proper costume change.

    I understand we expect Gaga to be over the top and theatrical but she’s also captivating enough of a performer to be quite minimal. Coachella, The Fame Ball, Joanne are all great examples of that.
  9. You can't charge £160 for a ticket to be minimal. Beyonce Formation Tour wasn't even that expensive and she's been around twice as long as Gaga
  10. If it does go ahead I can see giant screens, a catwalk of sorts and maybe a couple of props to bring the wow factor. They'll just rent existing staging elements from Tait Towers (or whoever Live Nation think is cheapest dd), I can't see any custom staging (the Monster Ball side towers & neon, the castle, inflatable backwall and unique catwalks, bridges & tilted video risers) being created for this.

    An off the shelf, serviceable production where people will go "wow Gaga is an amazing performer" rather than "wow the curved catwalk video screen lift etc etc was stunning I've never seen an artist do that before!"
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  11. A Chromatica stage wouldn't be too hard to put together. They could re-use some of the props from the MTV VMAs performance, really. Considering Chromatica is a made-up place, anything they throw together could suffice.
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  12. You really can though - 2016 ticket prices are different from 2019/2020 anyways. Britney's Piece of Me tour was a super basic stripped-down version of her Vegas show. Rock bands charge big prices for a big screen and some lights.

    Beyoncé's Formation tour was also pretty basic - just a big stage with a giant screen. I'm sure the technology was expensive but it wasn't a very elaborate production. It wasn't applauded for being OTT, it was her performance that got praised.

    Things like costumes aren't a big expense for Gaga as every designer flocks to her, but they aren't going to put together some huge custom stage a la the Born This Way Ball for six shows (the point I keep making).
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  13. If this does go ahead this summer I’ll get a ticket from somewhere. I’d love to see her but I’m not giving Live Nation an interest free loan. Fingers crossed. I’m only down the road from any of the venues anyway.
  14. Well thats where our views differ :)
  15. It's not a view or opinion. They will charge whatever they want for a ticket price, the show can still be "stripped back." Katy Perry Witness tickets were going for $35 on Groupon and it was still one hell of a production.
  16. Come on thru Ikea parking lot tour 2.0.
  17. I get expecting production for Tomorrowland or MUSE or Coldplay or whatever shows straights like but Gaga? Just give me Gaga and the bops (as they are on the CDs, like she likes dd) and I'm happy.
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  18. RJF


    Yes, because if there is one person who has not set expectations of a high production on tour, it's Lady Gaga!
  19. Unrelated - for me 'high production' just isn't the reason I go to concerts for. It's a plus but isn't my No 1 or a reason to complain if it's not blockbuster levels.
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  20. LTG


    In the UK, they’re doing football matches at Wembley in June with crowds of 20,000. This is after the smaller test events over the last month or so had no significant effects on case numbers.

    If 21 June doesn’t get postponed, large events with mass testing might be able to go ahead.
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