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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (2022 Tour)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. It is a view/opinion though? You're happy with minimal, I'm not. We therefore both have different opinions on what our money should get us.

    And just to clarify, if Gaga herself 'coasted' through the performances but 100% effort was made with staging, choreography, set design, band, interludes, merch then I wouldn't class that as minimal.
  2. Now hold on - I never said I'm happy with minimal (not saying I'm unhappy either though). I'm saying what expectations should be and what's realistic. That's not an opinion on what kind of show I want.

    If I were to give an opinion though, I think the performer being good is more important at a concert than...merch!
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  3. Would someone really prefer having 5 interludes over say two extra songs.....?
    I’ve seen big productions like Born This Way Ball and shows that have had to be scaled down because the artist just wasn’t as popular here. And to be honest I’d take no costume changes, no interludes and a basic stage if it meant the singer just stood there and sang her ass off for 2 hours. Obviously the spectacle is great and even expected for a lot of artists but if an artist has great stage presence and a bulletproof set list, it shouldn’t matter much.
  4. I need standing / Golden Circle tickets for London but they're all sold out. Can she reschedule pls
  5. Sis
  6. I would. Purely just based on the fact that I'm very into the whole fashion/tour outfits side of it (I think it came from watching Cher growing up). For example she could throw away Fun Tonight + merge some old hits into medley's or cut verses and I wouldn't really care, as long as we get some killer outfits.
  7. Me regarding tour outfits:

    Of course I appreciate good costumes but unless you're giving me JPG X Madonna 1990 pop revolution, I can take or leave them.
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  8. Postponed to 2022 without a date.
  9. At least she didn’t wait until a month before to tell us this time
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  10. I wonder if she will have new material out by then or it will just be a Greatest Hits tour/Enigma.

    Poor Chromatica.
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  11. They said "yeah so.. we'll keep that money for an extra year and let you know if we sort sumn I guess xx"
  12. Unless there's a new album or they're banking on the press surrounding House of Gucci to sell tickets, what's the point in pushing a tour with less than ten dates?
  13. I honestly think i'm just going to refund this now ddd.
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  14. I’m on the edge, of my last nerve.
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  15. How do we do that without emailing Ticketmaster 10 times? Asking for a friend x
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  16. This is why I got my refund last year.
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  17. There were more than 10 dates scheduled, they just weren’t ever announced. Although, with this an entire year away now, I’m not really sure she can pull off a full stadium tour. But maybe I’m underestimating her.
  18. Curious to think we'll see a hopefully re-jigged Enigma before anything resembling this tour.

    Also—I know we have no idea where her head is at with all the scrapped/Pandemic-uprooted plans for Chromatica, but—I can't help imagine how frustrating it must be for plans at this level to keep mutating while the global situation continues changing so quickly.
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  19. She’s supposed to be in Vegas in the fall. Maybe they can put all those unused performance looks we got glimpses of to use and ditch the stuff from Enigma 1.0
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  20. I think a full stadium tour with 50+ dates would’ve been a no, but if they keep it to like a few key shows in Europe, Asia and America (like a 10 city / 15 date tour) I don’t think it’ll be an issue.
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