Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball (May 25)

Sorry about my previous post, it was not mean spirited.

The concert was amazing.

She came around 8.37 and ended around 10.35.

It took us about an hour to get to the tube, so many people.

She dedicated Babylon to Alexander McQueen and she talked more about him
during 1000 doves.

No special guests and the show was not recorded.
That was fucking incredible I had the best night ever. I got in the middle of GC and had a good view of her throughout. She was on top form.

Talented, showstopping , incredible etc.

The 2 hours it took to get back from White Heart Lane to Liverpool Street was not fun however.
I don't even know what to say.

I had top top tier seats for tonight with a friend and golden circle for tomorrow's show, so we get our merch and go in and can't work out for the life of us which stairs get us up to level 5. We go to another gate to ask for help from one of the staff and as we turn around we get handed a green wristband and light up wristband and were ushered on.

I don't know why the universe is treating me this way and why any of this happened but I ended up going from the tip top of the stadium to golden circle?! It was transcendant. Show related thoughts will come next week but I'm just so emotional that this happened to me! Getting home was a nightmare ddd but I'll take it after this night of fate.
Finally saw her! It was a brilliant, top tier performance. The performances, visuals and outfits were all incredible. The setlist worked really well even if on paper it’s missing stan faves. It didn’t matter. Hold My Hand was a fantastic closer - we intended to leave during it but had to pause. It was beautiful. Yeah, just great overall. The fire! The cinematography!

Only complaint is low stage - I barely had my eyes off the monitors.
I’ve been to all her tours but this really had very strong Monster Ball energy. Everything looked so good and well crafted but beyond that, I haven’t seen her this committed and focused to serve that hard in any of her last couple of tours.

Magical in every sense of the term and hopefully everyone can experience that soon.
Yeah, this was really great. I’m so glad to have finally seen her - she was the top artist on my list of people I haven’t seen live yet and has been for years, and I’ve always been so unlucky with having been out of the country when she has performed or other things like that.

The setlist was brilliant, and I’m sorry to say it but Chromatica actually is that bitch after all. I fucking love that album. Including Stupid Love! She’s a stomper! When the setlist first came out, I would’ve loved her to swap out Monster and LoveGame for Alejandro and Judas, but nah it was all great last night. Monster and LoveGame absolutely slap so it’s all good. Even Hold My Hand really is a great finale song. It’s been said a million times before and it’s why she’s so fucking good at what she does, but the way her performance style can go from Britney Spears to Celine Dion to Elton John to Bruce Springsteen within one gig really is incredible.

The visuals were breathtaking. Somebody remind me again why this woman has never made a visual album? She was made to do a visual album. Visuals are her language. If this tour is never sealed in the history books with a recording, she’s a damn fool.

I actually loved her chatting bits. Having never seen her before, I’ve heard myths passed down from one generation of gay to the next about stories that go on for hours and sometimes even days, but they were just the right length and were super touching. The perfect balance of funny, charming, and humbled. She’s so … thankful? Like she’s so appreciative of people and of her influences, she kept thanking people all the time and dedicating songs to them, it was cute.

Seeing the effect that she had on some of the people around me was super emosh. There were people in tears consistently throughout - boys, girls, everyone. I actually think I had never quite realised the effect that she has on girls as well as gays. We gays are so self-centred and take up so much space in queer venues, that I don’t think it had quite clicked for me that she really has a massive female fanbase. They fucking love her. We were near one girl in particular who had driven down from Wales with her pal for the weekend and was going to both nights and had seen her on every tour she’s done in the UK and she was in bits! It was so lovely to meet her and share in her story a bit. Similarly, there was a guy who was just silently sobbing during Born This Way acoustic, and it was hard not to feel the strength of just how powerful and meaningful that song is to so many people. The connection that Gaga has with her fans and with queer people in particular is just so powerful. She’s just so caring and full of love and genuine warmth. And she’s fought for us so proudly since the very beginning. Having been about 14-ish when she first emerged, it’s hard to untangle her arrival into our lives with the journey of my own sexuality. Like she really was there right alongside me and so many others at such a pivotal moment in our lives. She came at just the right time for me, and I’ll always be grateful for what she did for us. I feel so lucky to have been in her presence last night. She really is one of the absolute best of her generation and I’m so glad to have her finally ticked off my bucket list.

But. And I hate that there’s a but. But.

Something is massively off with the staging off this show. We were General Admission to the right of the B Stage, about 4 or 5 people back from the gate. We arrived in the queue at about 2 in the afternoon. Now, I’m a tall-ish 6 foot* tall guy. Never in my life - literally never - have I not been able to see the person on stage. But I am sorry to say that I did not see the person on stage. Or the dancers. The stage is so fucking low. I don’t know what’s happened? An absolutely massive flaw in the design has occurred. Like, I was one of the tallest around me, and if even I didn’t see her, no one else stood a chance. I’ve stood in General Admission for Stadium Gigs before and the issue has always previously been that they’re just really small, not that we can’t see them at all. Literally not a jot. It’s fine because there’s plenty of screens and it’s about the music and the atmos etc. I wish I could say it didn’t detract from the experience a bit, but it kinda did. Everyone around us was talking about it, and the general mood was slightly disgruntled. There were people around us who had queued since 7 in the morning who were really kinda pissed off.

Then she arrived on the B Stage which we were literally right next to, and we were like finally this is our chance to have our moment with her - but that fucking tree trunk piano blocked our entire view of her! It was almost comical! It was like that fucking Mike Wazowski gag from Monster’s Inc! Her face was literally constantly blocked. She was ten feet away from us and we could not see her one fucking jot because there was a fucking log in the way.


I literally have to laugh. I’m sure there were people on our side who could see her face through those damn branches, but I know there are plenty who couldn’t. And if you were on the other side, I guess you could only see her from the back! Just use a normal piano, and maybe have it rotate or something so that everyone can see her from all angles. It was honestly just funny. We were just like guess we aren’t meant to actually see her at all tonight then.

But yeah. It did kinda put a slight dampener on the night, but at the end of the day we were at a massive fucking Lady Gaga gig in a stadium so we still had the time of our lives. And we did see her closely on the B Stage when she was stood up during the uptempos, so it was all good. Considering there was a period where it looked like a Gaga gig may never happen again, I consider myself super lucky to have seen her last night, and we all had a really fucking great time.

Oh and Tottenham is fucking hell on Earth to get back from. I really hope this does not become the norm for concerts because Tottenham does not possess the vernacular that she thinks she possesses. She wants a seat at the table with our best girlies Wembley and Olympic but I hope she never gets it.

*5.11 lol
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More the reason to add Paparazzi and Alejandro...sigh
I have accepted Alejandro and Paparazzi not being in this show. I guess she wanted more high octane songs and those are (gorgeous) midtempos.

My only tiny complaint is the staging. Not that the stage is too low because I sadly won't be seeing this show live, but I just wish the stage... did more. That there were more props, more set pieces that spiced up them just doing dance routines in the center of the stage. Even just using the catwalks more which they barely use. The Alice moment on the slab is great but there's nothing really surprising or inventive after that. Remember when the castle in the Born this Way Ball fucking opened up?

Still a great show though.
Was meant to be in London (my favorite place) seeing her (my favorite artist) birthday. But it didn't work out.

Seeing all your posts makes me really happy. Like Future Nostalgia, this really feels like a redemption in this "post" pandemic world.

Hope everyone has so much fun today. Please keep sharing your experiences!
During Free Woman a lot of people ran to the b stage or to the side trying to see her walk to the b stage so suddenly we had a lot of space around us.

Let me tell you: Dancig in the stadium with many other people not even looking at Gaga, just enjoying the song and being… free. That was probably my fave moment last night.