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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. aux



    Fans in the US and Canada can register for Verified Fan for first access to tickets. Register before 11:59pm ET on Saturday, March 7. Register here.

    Verified Fan pre-sale for Toronto begins on Thursday, March 12 at 10am ET. The general sale begins Friday, March 13 at 10am ET.

    Verified Fan pre-sale for the US dates begin on Friday, March 13 at 10am local time. The general sale begins Monday, March 16 at 10am local time.

    Fans in London & Paris can get priority access to some of the best tickets in those cities starting Tuesday March 10 by pre-ordering "Chromatica" here.

    General sale is March 13th – London at 9am & Paris at 10am.

    For the UKunties,

    Album presale Tuesday 10th March at 9am (no purchase necessary link)
    O2 Priority presale Wednesday 11th March at 9am (you just need an O2 phone number)
    Live Nation presale Thursday 12th March at 9am (sign up for LiveNation here)
    General sale Friday 13th March at 9am

    There will be plenty of opportunities to buy tickets.

    If you’ve already pre-ordered the album from the Official Store you get automatic pre-sale access.​
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  2. Ah so pre-sale codes for Paris and London are coming around 8pm tonight, good to know!
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  3. Presale for Toronto is happening now.

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  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I hope I get to go. I've not seen her live in ages.
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  5. Sam


    I'm very fucking nervous for getting tickets.
  6. Toronto is live?! I thought it was happening on Thursday.

    Edit: Nevermind, it's the American Express one, is there another presale before general?
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  7. deleted my post in the meantime! Not surprised by prices just wasn’t sure what the source was as I kept seeing figures on Twitter with no link (go figure)
  8. So did I, but I looked at my Ticketmaster app today for some reason and it said "presale now" so I went in. Tons of tickets up, virtually every section available.

    Ah, you're right! My bad. So the general pit tickets should actually be much cheaper. This is only offering a pit package.
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  9. Is there an AMEX presale for the UK?
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  10. Sam


    Presale codes are out hennies!!!
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  11. Got it!!
  12. Got mine too!
  13. Oh no, I don’t have mine yet.

  14. The presale only had VIP packages for pit/floor (I think? They were stupidly expensive) so I snatched lower bowl tickets. I'm gonna try again during the general to snag pit tickets ddd.

    Ticketmaster is such a scammer. I had secured tickets, the app flopped, and when I got back in the cost had gone up $20 each ticket. Girl...
  15. Do any of you Little Kindness Punks know/have tea if any further London or European dates are in the pipeline?
  16. Some french station leaked that a second Paris date is in the pipeline if the first one does well. I imagine the same for London.

    Don't think other countries / cities will be announced (for this year) though.
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  17. Toronto's presale codes go out the day before, right?
  18. Agh! Can I ask where you saw this? I'm getting the vibe there's second dates planned for both London and Paris and I'm really tempted to hold out now.
  19. Hopefully because i didn’t get a code.
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  20. How much are UK tix thanks
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