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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Hold My Hand is a weird one to end on. Seemed good overall though! Glad to see her back where she belongs.
  2. I always thought it'd be Stupid Love (at the piano) and then Rain on Me would be the encore.
  3. Yeah, it was a bit limp, especially when she just walked off like that. I wish she would add Alejandro back, make Rain on Me into a bigger party moment and end on that.
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  4. Did everyone even bow?? A thank you to the dancers, band, audience, stage crew etc. all that?? It seemed to just... end...
  5. If I had a criticism it would be that she fumbled the final act and finale a little bit. But I can forgive that because Bad Romance through Enigma is pretty much a perfect Lady Gaga concert.

    I'm so in awe.
  6. R92


    Honestly, Hold My Hand ate up the rest of the finale. The frantic choreo for both Stupid Love and Rain on Me really let their performances down compared to the rest of the show.
  7. RMK


    Something flipped in her after Enigma. Obviously she still did great, but I've just been watching her performances for years.

    Hold My Hand seems like a "you have to be there" moment.
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  8. Not including Applause in a stadium is really wild to me but maybe it didn‘t fit with the theme.
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  9. Yeah, Rain on Me wasn't great (purely watching the stream). Everything seemed a bit lost during Ariana's part. Weird. It needs changing. I think she even started to lip sing her bits? nn

    As someone above said, where is the real rain?! Come on Gaga, that would have been a moment.
  10. Hold My Hand just sounds like a massive song so I’m not mad at it being the ending - excited to see that live!

    I love how Always Remember Us This Way has been included too.. makes sense though considering it’s in her top five streamed songs.
  11. That was pretty close to perfect, and I imagine things will only get better as she settles in.
    Her energy was hypnotic, the outfits and visuals were arguably her best tour outfits and visuals ever. It felt elevated and the obvious callbacks to the past didn’t feel like “Gaga by the numbers” or “being Gaga for nostalgia sake”.

    Every detail down to the camera work was very clearly thought through and executed so well.

    I’m glad to have her back.
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  12. I think the Improtu performance of Enigma might shook things a little. It would be normal if there was an extended end at Hold My Hand just to "thank you, thank my band" etc and then leave the stage, but nothing happened and then the awkward going back to pick microphone nn.
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  13. I'm surprised she didn't fill the Ariana part with the solo vocals.
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  14. Whew, that was a ride. So glad we get to experience these big pop moments together again. See you all for the Beyoncé album drop "<3"
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  15. RMK


    The other day clips suggested she was singing with Ariana's part, not just letting it play.
  16. She was kind of awkwardly lipping to Ariana's vocals? It was odd. Also, as someone said I wish the band would vamp on Hold My Hand so everyone could come back and take their bows instead of Gaga coming back to... pick up the mic stand? Girl someone will do that for you.
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  17. Did she have technical issues during Stupid Love and ROM? It felt like her mic was messing up and it may’ even thrown her off. I expect the next show to be more definitive in terms of how those two performances will play out.
  18. Make Rain On Me the closer and throw Hold My Hand in the piano section mother.

    This was absolutely phenomenal. I cannot wait for the YT 4k videos. Might be her best show ever.
  19. I can see the Enigma slot being changed to different songs as the tour goes on, it was very minimal.
    Would also make thematic sense (it's an ~enigma~ which song you'll get nn).
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  20. RMK


    It could've been her in-ears. She never relies on backing vocals that much, and I don't think she wanted to.
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