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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. So, apart from the claw, alien roach hat & body horror inspired blood cat suit, this show is a complete departure from the pink & green cyber punk visuals of the album. I’m also surprised she didn’t use the sine symbol anywhere. I think I briefly saw the tribe symbols during the intro?
  2. I still think no Sine From Above is just so confusing. The other album tracks I'm fine with being left off, but Sine would sound so good in a stadium setting and could easily slot into the storyline.
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  3. I still wish she would have done Coachella so I could have gotten to see the pink and green color scheme in all its garish glory dd
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  4. RMK


    I'm glad we didn't have to sit through sexy Elton John vocals playing over an EDM beat. I enjoy Ariana's for Rain On Me, and that's enough.
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  5. So she performed 9 out of 13 songs from Chromatica. Thats more than I was expecting. I'm still very confused at her adding Enigma yet not the song that was described as the mission statement of the album.
  6. I actually wouldn't have minded Sine From Above as a solo song in the piano section.
  7. She really said “I’m gonna let gays breathe.” with the encore. A generous queen!
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  8. Manifesting Sine being performed at the London dates and her wheeling out Elton for it.
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  9. R92


    Okay but I would have died if she did the piano version of 1000 Doves.
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  10. Ok, overall.

    I think the show is absolutely great and she's just GETTING IT. It's a little Monster Ball 3.0: Chromatica Reloaded, but everything is very well put together and not """cheap cosplay""" that we've been through recently. It feels invested and well thought. I like the horror concept and the way she managed to show this without having to... talk to the audience and explain what's happening.

    From Bad Romance to Sour Candy it's serve after serve. I'd swap Telephone or LoveGame for something else (I'm pretty sure she did the same LoveGame version from Joanne and Enigma? With the John Wayne riff??). The Babylon performance should look "bigger" but then she did the damn thing with Free Woman and the endless outro.

    The piano section feels a little big but it was heavenly. I do wish that, in a perfect would, the setlist could be longer. The Edge Of Glory into Alejandro into Enigma into Applause would be a great fake finale, and then coming back with Stupid Love and Rain On Me for a "grand finale".

    Hold My Hand was awkward. Loved the rockstar fantasy but at same time, I'd rather if she moved that back to the Piano section and moved around between Always, Hold My Hand and inevitably Million Reasons
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  11. The way some of you want Sine so bad when it's a bottom tier track off the album instead of... a better song.
  12. Would have loved to have seen “Marry The Night”, “Perfect Illusion” and “Applause” on there but I’m pretty happy with the setlist!
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  13. Hold My Hand just needs to be elsewhere. It's made for stadiums and will go down very well in America but...not an encore
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Can you imagine if she finished with an explosive Marry the Night? Everyone would be completely gagged. The only bad thing is that it would completely overshadow Stupid Love and Rain On Me.
  16. Unmanifest it.
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  17. I think it appears on the screens during "911" and "Sour Candy"
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  18. Has ‘better late than never’ ever applied more than this? It’s streamlined, slick and polished. From the costumes to the staging to her performance in general, this is what I’ve been longing for. Enigma feels a distant memory and she looks totally revitalised. The ending could use some tweaking but that’s minor.

    Long may this energy continue, please. Know your power, mama.
  19. Don‘t kill me.

    But I am getting slight Blonde Ambition tour vibes
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  20. And thank god!
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