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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Drugs I Love You is all I read from her message
  2. Made it! My first Gaga concert - super excited!

  3. Yeah the vibe is not the same when it’s an open stadium and not dark yet, but I guess we knew that’d be the case.

    During the intro we lose the dramatic effect of the lit columns and plumes of smoke after the intro video plays. Additionally, the dancers are up on the top level of the stage to hide Gaga, who is already standing there (we don’t see her when it’s dark). It’ll be interesting to see what other changes are made. Hopefully it gets dark soon.
  4. Imagining seeing this Tweet right after pouring molly into a water bottle...sorry Mother
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  5. This question is in no way related to the above post.

    Can you take bottle drinks into stadium gigs? It's honestly been so long I've forgotten.
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  6. The stadium looks good in the dark.
    She seems more animated tonight. Yes I am watching yet another live stream lol.
  7. Not her pointing the mic towards the audience during Fun Tonight and get no feedback
  8. The audience wristbands with the lights are so pretty when it's dark
  9. Another one bites the dust. She really gagged the locals with Shallow and ARUTW
    One of the few countries that song was a hit in without being a single.

    I'll never forget being in Lille and the ASIB soundtrack was on the playlist in the parking garage...which I found out cause the machine swallowed my ticket and I had to see the parking assistance and the girl in her office was blasting that shit on Spotify and couldn't hear me until I was literally banging on the windows and startled her. Queen of France indeed.
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  10. Great footage

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  11. Her pose at the end here. Fierce!

  12. Just came back from the Paris show.

    What a woman. The show itself is absolutely breathtaking but Gaga is just immense.

    There were a few issues (she sang off tempo in the last chorus of Free Woman, which killed the momentum completely - Alice sounded completely flat - the intro to Babylon was odd and felt empty), but everything else was pretty much perfect.

    Hold My Hand as the closure actually worked for me. I don’t love the song but it worked.

    Gaga seemed to genuinely love being here, especially during the piano act. She even came back after Hold My Hand (they had to turn the lights back), just to say goodbye.

    what a star. I love her so much.
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  13. I love a Paris Is Burning reference. It was literally burning dd.

    Tonight's show looked incredible. Performing at the same stadium a decade later and snatching the biggest audience of her touring career. Couldn't be prouder and I'm so happy for her!
  14. Something about this tour, judging from the videos, she just seems so much more on than she has in a very long time. The Joanne Tour was obviously fantastic, but you can tell she was getting tired and in pain as the tour went on.
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  15. Surely her audience at Coachella was bigger? 125k capacity and she was the main headliner. I would guess more than half the festival was at her set.
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  16. I think they just mean touring audience though. Coachella doesn’t really count for that, same with audiences like with the super bowl half time show.
  17. Well yes, as that audience is through the screen. But I'm sure Coachella is her biggest attended performance (as the capacity of the Super Bowl is likely what 60k with the field taken up by the...sports)?

    I see what you mean, this is her most headlining, solo, purchased ticket audience.
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  18. Speaking of headlining. It’s pretty cool that she IS solo headlining. I’d love to see some openers, but the power that she has is incredible.
  19. Seeing the Chromatica Ball tomorrow in... Arnhem! So excited!

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