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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Sam


    praying for you beb
  2. dddd the Born this Way Ball story what a mess.
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  3. I pray you catch these hands
  4. Let’s not talk about curses please. Tomorrow will be the first time I’ve saw Gaga since ARTPOP and I’m so excited!!!
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  5. He’s on tour in America at the minute and has a show tomorrow.
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  6. Is Ariana still in London filming for Wicked? If she is get her on the stage for Rain On Me not bloody Elton.
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  7. Switch your ticket to the Friday date x
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  8. I’m glad I’m going Friday.
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  9. If there are any guests, they better all be on Friday’s show. We’ve had our tickets since March 2020.

    None of the surprises for the part timers who only bought their tickets a few months ago when a new date was announced.
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  10. Just because from the beginning everybody expected so many surprises. Is it even common? Did she had surprise guests in the past? I have been to tons of tours but can't remember anything outside of Nicki in Paris during OTR. I mean I mostly see tours in Berlin which is less sexy and star filled than London for example. And of course Taylor had a slot for that. But I feel it is just not happening much in general, even less with the Big Pop Girls since everything is so tightly planned anyway.
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  11. If they're going to do a professional recording of a show do they tell people beforehand? It would seem such a waste not to have this tour filmed.

    I hope everyone here who is going to the London shows has a great time!
  12. There are usually signs around the venue warning people that they will be recorded on the day.
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  13. RMK


    I'm more inclined to believe Ariana popping up for a show - that was in a list of mostly accurate rumors about the staging and setlist weeks ago. My biggest gripe with Kylie coming out to perform Marry The Night is that the song is uniquely Gaga, and it should be performed solo more often. It's one of her best.

    Dawn/Chromatica collaborators are a safer bet than Born This Way 10th Anniversary ones.
  14. Curfew at Tottenham is 10:30pm so I guess we should expect Gaga on stage around 8:30pm?
  15. Happens quite frequently with Charli, bringing Chris and Caroline. Jessie Ware brought Kylie out.

    If Ari is in London it would be daft not to make one visit for Rain on Me.
  16. The cancellation anxiety is real. I'll never forget waking up, rolling over, seeing a message on my phone from my friend: "Fuck Gaga!" ...and knowing I needed new weekend plans.
  17. Wouldn't call that frequently and also I was thinking more of the arena and stadium girls. But reminds me that I sold my Jessie tickets for that night and now I am crying again.
  18. Oh and Haim brought out Taylor too. It's happened quite a fair bit this year.
  19. This was a cute lil' moment.

  20. Of course I am all here for it. I mean I don't believe in it but if Gaga would want to bring Ariana it would be working great with the setlist kind of just because it wouldn't kill the path of the show. On the other hand Hold My Hand would fall even flatter after that. Although it would most likely be cut anyway because knowing Gaga she would reach the ultimate curfew after a performance with Ariana just by crying and talking together with her in front of everybody.
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