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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Ariana is still in London yes but who knows if she has time.

    I would hope they‘d record the London shows since it‘s two but if she really starts early it won‘t be dark for most of the show which would be a shame for a recording.
  2. Anyone going to Omeara afterwards?
  3. Gaga interacting with Richy’s chromatica ball posts on IG is leaving a bad taste in my mouth but anyways can’t wait for tomorrow and Sat x
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  4. Guys I am so hyped for tomorrow now I…

    blasting Replay on the speakers and it’s still not worn off 2 years later
  5. I really hope she sorts the merch out for North America. I can't believe London only got 1 new tshirt
  6. The way I will begrudgingly buy a t-shirt because it's the first time I've been able to buy Gaga merch at a show in 8 years... but the lack of options really is insulting when you consider how many the Born This Way Ball had! Even if she'd have done the white t-shirt designs on black t-shirts to switch it up it would've been nice!
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  7. Only short people
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  8. What time should I be in the queue tomorrow for a good view of Gaga as a gold circle ticket holder ( non early entry) ?
  9. This is amazing.

  10. In an ideal world they would do the Head vs 911 mash up.
  11. This warms my heart.
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  12. For a woman who has, probably smartly, moved away from being as involved as she was with her fans... It is amazing how much impact they have on her. It must be overwhelming. But it's cute to still see that she hasn't sworn us off completely.
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  13. Rumour has it she has asked Kylie Minogue and Years & Years to perfom with her
  14. I realize guests might make a concert more special and give extra value to the people watching but I always find these surprises awkward and that they ruin the flow of the show.
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  15. I’ve landed in London and she’s not cancelled yet. We are further ahead than we ever were on the Joanne Tour.
  16. Sam


    sis you're manifesting the cancellation at this point, pls wait until Sunday!!!!!
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  17. All these texts to print tickets and emails about train strikes are not helping my nerves.
    My train back Sunday has just been cancelled but as long as I get there today (and gaga does).
    Enjoy everyone!
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  18. After having to cancel my tickets for her opening night in Vegas a couple of years ago, I am SO excited for tonight!
  19. Kindly shut UP I am not taking any chances.
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  20. There's a new shirt for London:

    Have fun tonight, girlies!
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